That used to be me…

Dan and I had our season tickets for the Round Rock Express on Tuesday evening.  So we tried dinner at Morelia Grill.  It was ok.  May have to try the new location near our house to try more items.

It was hot, really hot.  I wasn’t sweating in the front, but total swamp ass in the back.  I am sure people were thrilled when I did the chicken dance, lol.  Then again, I am sure everyone was hot.  It was over 100 degrees!

As I was sitting in my seats, I did some people watching.  Not easy, since our seats are right on the dugout and I needed to be alert as not to get smacked with a ball.

I’ll be honest, what you do or don’t do is YOUR OWN BUSINESS.  But as I looked around, I saw many of my bad habits.  Some of them were short-lived, some were not.  Made me step back though and realize that even though I am far from perfect, I have really come a long way.  Especially from the habits I picked up in college.

I saw a group of girls, very pretty girls, all very overweight.  They looked like my friends and I in a box of photos I found from 2004.     Eating footlong corn dogs, drinking “yard” margaritas, eating funnel cake.  (I am not saying any  of that is wrong, in moderation, but like these girls, I would do it with no moderation at all).  That used to be me….

The boy and his father eating ice cream in the 6th inning.  Blue Bell pints, 1 each.  Once upon a time I thought a serving of ice cream was the whole pint.  I don’t think before Weight Watchers I ever ate a pint of ice cream without eating all of it.   That used to be me…..

I walked up to bathrooms and passed the burger stand.  Lady loading the mayo on.  I mean LOADING it.  I was once a mayo lover, now, I can’t even stand the smell of it (I have other condiment loves these days).  My BFF and I used order a side of mayo for a burger that already had mayo.  That used to be me…..

I observed on trips back down the stairs, how many people were out of breath going up the stairs.  That used to be me…

Even before Weight Watchers came into my life in 2007, between 2005-2006 I started making small changes.  I started running in 2006.  I started making better food choices and actually reading labels.  My portions were still insane and my treats were too often, but it was a start.  But my small changes weren’t enough, I wasn’t consistent, I wasn’t educated enough, I wasn’t fully committed.

What you do to lose or manage your weight is your own choice.  But it was like I was telling someone last weekend, Weight Watchers changed my life.  I needed structure, I needed guidance.  Small price to pay for my health and well-being.  It changed my lifestyle.  It turned me into THIS IS ME!


One thought on “That used to be me…

  1. Oh girl – when I go to the baseball games sometimes it just makes me sad to see all of that. When we went as kids we could get one single treat and it was truly a treat since we never got stuff like Cracker Jacks. But to see families gorging themselves making trip after trip…it’s really sad.

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