Sweaty Saturday


Drove North to grab the sister, to drive south to see the parents for belated Father’s Day.  We arrived around 6:15 pm.  I told my parents to please eat without us, because they like to eat at 5:30.  They refused, so we ended up at Coras.  They have the best nachos ever.  I watched my family devour the nachos, I miss cheese 😦  They don’t have a huge menu, but I was a happy girl.  Their grilled chicken was actually very good, tasty salsa, baked potato, salad bar (pickled okra, YUM!). 


Because my room was being remodeled, I had to sleep with sister in her room. My parent’s room is being done too, so they were both in the 2 living areas on the couches. 


Did not sleep at all.  I don’t really get hot, in fact, I am always cold.  I was SO hot, they keep their house too warm.  I ended up just getting up and starting my run.  I had a hard time finding my groove for the first part, but it actually turned into a decent run.  About halfway through, I decided to try a new route which I knew would be challenging.  Proud of myself, decent pace, even with lack of sleep and high humidity. 


Painted my old room with my parents.   My parents are remodeling with the hopes of putting the house on the market.  They really need to downsize, they should have done it years ago.

The original color was pink, yes pink.  Picked out in 1984 by my 2 year old sister.  Mom said we had to have the same color.  I am still bitter, I wanted lavender.  The walls, trim, and carpet are all pink/rose.  BARF. 

The new color is a taupe.  It needs another coat.  Did I mention my room is HUGE?  Yeah, I had a pretty rocking room as a child.  The whole 2nd story of their house is 1 bathroom, 2 giant children’s bedrooms, and an even bigger playroom. 

My sister had not cleaned out her old room (mine was done years ago).  So she did that.  We took a whole truckload of stuff to Goodwill in San Antonio after that (I wanted to ensure the stuff actually left the house and didn’t get thrown in a garage sale).  Mom has another load to take to the women’s shelter of linens, toys, and children’s clothing.   I know getting rid of stuff was upsetting to my mom and sister, but the clutter and unnecessary items really needed to go. 


That evening, we put my dad’s new grill to use….and some calamine, because I literally got ants in my pants 😦

BBQ’d sirloin steaks, mesquite chicken breasts, and garlic peppercorn pork tenderloin.  Served with multi-grain Central Market baguette (for them), grilled corn, and 10 pounds of grilled vegetables fresh from dad’s garden (zucchini, yellow squash, red and yellow onions, and eggplant).  Meant to try grilling okra too (which was suggested by my WW leader, but I forgot).

Apologies for the crummy photo, it was over 100 degrees and I took any shade I could get.  Strawberry shortcake for dessert for them.  I had strawberries and cantaloupe from dad’s garden.

Did I mention it was also my parent’s 34th wedding anniversary?  I actually stumbled across a huge box of their wedding napkins that morning, so we used those for dinner 🙂  I suggested they use them every year on their anniversary.

They had enough leftovers for Sunday for sure.  Plus I’d taken the leftover chicken and put together Guenther House’s Champagne Chicken Enchiladas for them to cook up on Monday or Tuesday when contractors are coming to work on parts of the house that they will not be doing themselves.

That was the theme of the weekend, trying to help the parents and make this remodel/downsize/sale easier on them 🙂


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