It rained last night.  1.25 inches.  This is a big deal, the drought is severe.  I hear about it all day long every day.  Please God, give us more.  It’s rained twice, yes TWICE since the fall.  And of course, people were watering their grass this morning.  That amount of rain is enough to sustain a lawn for a week.  Wasting water and improper irrigation system usage are pet-peeves of mine.  Maybe i’ll do another Captain Planet blog later in the week.

My run was cut short this morning due to lightning.  I’d made it a mile before I saw it, ran .5 more and turned around.  3 is better than nothing or getting struck by lightning. 

I had a good day on Tuesday.  I actually made it a full day without having most symptoms.  No, i’m not saying i’m cured, i’m saying that at least I had 1 good day.  I used to have a few a week,  but lately, none.  A good day is a good day.  I’ll take it.

Meetings are going to be the death of me.  Meetings all day, all week long.  They even overflowed through my lunch and past the time I usually get off on Tuesday.  Since I missed the Weight Watchers meeting during lunch and was late leaving work, I went ahead and drove north to Round Rock for a meeting there.  My first evening meeting ever.  Good meeting.  And the “free fruit” topic wasn’t beat to death, which I appreciated.

Headed over to Sprouts afterward to get a probiotic which the Dr. suggested I start.  I did some studying of dairy free options (many of which were only lactose free).  I did notice that many of them still contain other dairy proteins (like casein), which was a little annoying.  Some things I think I can just learn to live without.  I did buy a small block of almond cheese, which tastes just like soy cheese to me.  All of the yogurt options were loaded with added sugar, which I wasn’t wild about, so I didn’t buy any.

I don’t really like or use milk, so I am not really concerned about a substitute except for cooking.  That and i’ve tried rice, almond, coconut, and wasn’t really wild about any of them in lattes, which is about as much milk as I drink.  Maybe in other things they’d be better.  I did make pudding out of coconut milk over the weekend and it was good, so maybe that’s a possible yogurt substitution.

I’m going to definitely spend more time educating myself and planning ahead.  I’ve gone gluten-free 7 weeks before and learned a great deal, but I am going to keep reading up.  Dr. said to strictly follow the gluten and dairy free diet for 2 months and visit him again to re-assess. 

I took myself off of the chemical stuff the GI specialist had me on since September (did that Memorial Day weekend).  This new Dr. said he didn’t see a reason for me to stay on it, if it really wasn’t helping.  Plus it may have actually been hurting me, because my body became dependent on it (that and I had to pee every 30 minutes).  It was so bad right before I stopped taking it, that the chemicals would make me gag even though it’s “odorless and tasteless”.  I don’t miss it one bit.

Every day is another step in hopefully trying to figure this all out.


3 thoughts on “Joy

  1. i get your point about turning off the sprinklers but because of the severe drought that 1.25 inches of rain isnt enough for a week. that water is GONE deep into the dry earth already!!!

    • People were already watering before the sun came up. At this point, people should be watering just to preserve life, not make things green. With the conditions, it may not last a week in our extinuating circumstances, but it’s enough to keep the grass alive before having to water immediately. The work meeting in Houston last week was for the HGC Irrigation Association. I’ve been living water conservation lately.

      I hate to leave work in the PM, because all I see is people watering in the middle of the day, when evaporation is the highest. It’s unfortunately a losing battle.

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