Happy Father’s Day!

But I was buying a card for my own dad and saw this one and I couldn’t quit laughing.  It was so silly, I had to get it for Dan, especially since I always buy him cards with cats on them as a joke…card from the cat is even better.    It’s funny, because it says something about Dad and his warm lap and that is Missy’s favorite place to be.  He also pointed out that cat looks just like Missy but with green eyes.   Think he’s on to something…

I think my Missy is cuter though 😉


I’d done the laundry Saturday to help speed up Dan’s trip packing, so that left my Sunday more open.  That and I decided we didn’t really need groceries since he was going out of town.  In that extra time I hit it hard at the gym, came home and mowed the grass, cleaned, and did some reading. 


Lunch was another twist on a taco salad bowl.  Lined a bowl with tostada shells spread with refried beans, filled with salad, sautéed veggies, avocado, and queso.  Easy, tasty, and filling 🙂


Wish I’d taken photos of dinner, it was pretty awesome.  Sauza tequila rub on split chicken breasts, salad, green beans, mixed veggies.

I cut up the leftover chicken for Monday and Tuesday’s lunches.  Wish i’d made more!  I also wish it wasn’t 100+ degrees outside and I could use the grill, but the oven roasted chicken was pretty darn good too.


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