Hitting a wall Wednesday

Day trip to Houston for work on Tuesday.  Great day, came back energized and full of ideas.  Plus I felt great most of the day.  Lifted weights at the gym before we hit the road.  It was a long day, more than 6 hours in the car, less than 3 in business, but TOTALLY worth it.

Today was my first day back on a Gluten Free diet.  I’d added it back in to get tested and was going to leave it in, until I started going downhill.  In a desperate attempt to feel better, I decided to cut it back out again.  I will let the Dr. decide on Monday what I do after that appointment.

Ran this morning, it was still and super humid, but it was actually probably the best run i’ve had in a few weeks.  Not stellar, not where I want to be, but solid.  I was just happy to make it through the run after having really really bad runs last week.

I however did not make it through the whole day at work.  I ended up leaving at 1 to come home for the day.  I didn’t eat until I got home, which was a mistake, but I do not eat in my car.

I slept and read medical journals for the rest of the day. 

Aren’t I exciting?  Good thing Dan is in Chicago.


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