Sugar Free Challenge: The finale


My usual Day of Rest.  Thought about running long this morning, but I simply had too much to do before work and couldn’t go in late.

Not sure what i’ll end up doing tomorrow morning for a workout.  Will be at BFF’s house.  I’ve run long there before around the city streets.  Not too bad I guess.  I don’t plan on going too far, but I’d like to do something.  If not, there is a Gold’s down the street.


Long busy day at work.  Headed North to get sister, then Dan, then turned around and headed south for BFF’s house.  Because of traffic, didn’t get into town until 8:30 pm!

River all day tomorrow with our friends and the Austin Auburn Club, Micky and the Motorcars at Gruene Hall on Saturday night.

Hopefully get back early on Sunday.  Dan is on a work trip most of next week and I have a VERY full work and after-work calendar next week.


Breakfast #1: last serving of vegetarian migas

Breakfast #2: cottage cheese with banana and sunflower seeds

Lunch: Avocado Cobb from Schlotzsky’s

Snack:   apple and string cheese

Snack: some of Dan’s pretzels

Dinner:  Rudy’s BBQ, one of my favorites.  Smoked turkey plate with extra pickles and onions.


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