Sugar Free Challenge: Day 9


Hit the gym for strength before work.  Glad at least the strength training workouts are decent lately. 

No run after work, I was so drained from the day.  Stopped at AK’s to check on her house and kitty, ran errands, then headed home.  It was late when I got home and I still needed to do something about dinner and pack my weekend bags.


Honestly not sure how anyone has tolerated me lately.  I am grumpy and argumentative all of the time.  I am just so ready to figure something out.

Just over a week before I see the Dr. again.  Trying to be patient.


Pre-workout:  almond butter on rice cake

Breakfast #1: cottage cheese and strawberries, hot tea

Breakfast #2: oatmeal with milk and almonds

Snack:  apple

Lunch:  grilled pesto chicken, cucumber salad, mixed veggies, string cheese

Snack:  leftover vegetarian migas

Dinner:  grilled turkey/avocado/hummus lavash, assorted veggies (farm fresh tomatoes, cucumber salad, carrots, red onions, and avocado). Dan had a BLT instead of a panini.

Snack:  cottage cheese and sunflower seeds


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