Sugar Free Challenge: Day 8


Ran before work.  Possibly the worst run ever though, just going to leave it at that.


I’m not going to lie, I have cried a lot in the last month to Dan.  I cried this morning before leaving for work when he asked about my run. 

I am SO tired of feeling this way and not knowing what’s wrong.  Is it IBS?  Is it a food intolerance?  Is it gluten intolerance?  Is it something else?

I’m sitting here with a giant lump in my right side, as I type.  Doesn’t happen everyday, but it’s annoying.  Whatever happens on a daily basis is never the same, but it’s always annoying. 

Dr.’s office called again today (guess they are calling as the panels come in?).  No celiac, which I expected.  But I also know that this method is inaccurate at least 80 percent of the time (from medical journal research).  My money isn’t on it being this, i’m just saying I figured it would come back negative.  And that doesn’t rule out intolerance, which is different.  Once again nurse said, ” he wants to talk to you about this on the 20th”.


Breakfast #1:  leftover vegetarian migas, almonds, hot tea

Breakfast #2:  egg on Ezekiel toast

Lunch:  last Sunny Mediterranean wrap, string cheese, carrots, apple

Snack:  Chia Peach Cobbler without any nut-butter (wasn’t sure it was necessary, may try again soon with it).  Dan is still scarred for life that I called it that in the grocery store on Sunday, he said people looked at me weird.  He even polled his co-workers and they agreed that “nut butter” is dirty.  Ok, I will use the name of the nut from now on….gutter-brain boys!

Dinner:  Pesto Chicken (from HEB grocery near the fajitas), salad, oven fried okra.  I miss iced tea the most.  I simply cannot drink cold tea with nothing in it.  So i’ve been drinking water, which is better anyhow.  I still miss it though.

I liked the chicken, it was really good.  I had wanted to grill it, but with our patio being full sun in the evening and it being over 100 degrees?  No thank you.  Next time I will grill, because I think it would bring out the flavors even more.

Okra was good, but next time I am using more spices.  I put cayenne, garlic powder, pepper, and salt in with the okra. 

Snack:  strawberries and cottage cheese


10 thoughts on “Sugar Free Challenge: Day 8

  1. Hugs. I am so sorry you are having to go through this. I had to watch my sister (still watching) her struggle. Even after her gallbladder was removed, she still has symptoms and is maintaining a GF diet. However, things still aren’t quite right.

  2. Igh. I was there last year and it did end up being guten (two rounds a bloodwork, a biopsy, a diet challenge… painful and annoying process). Be sure to get a copy– some MDs dismiss one weak positive result on the celiac panel if the others are negative when in fact that should be a red flag to explore it further. Others don’t do a full panel.

    I just stumbled on your post, so I don’t know your story, but one of the best resources I found was’s forum. Both in terms of support when it came to dealing with diagnosis, and also in dealing with the diet change. Sort of old school message board, but incredibly helpful. Sorry I can’t offer any suggestions for other issues…

  3. Hi Melissa! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m sorry you had a rough run and are feeling physically bad–I need to go back when I have more time and catch up. The Challenge has suddenly gotten rough for me today–I woke up from a nap and really really wanted some sugar. I settled for bread and butter, but the itch hasn’t gone away. Fortunately I like sleep more so I’m off to bed and hopefully will feel clearer in the morning. Stick it out (saying this to both of us!).

    Oh–and I did get used to drinking iced tea w/o anything in it some time back. I actually prefer it that way now, despite my sweet tooth in other areas. Just a thought, so you don’t have to give up your tea.

  4. The only way I will eat chicken now is marinated in pesto and grilled! I marinate it myself, though, in a big zip-loc bag overnight and it comes out perfect every time!
    (BIG HUGS)

    • im a big fan of doing all kinds of marinades and rubs. One of my favorites is Rudy’s rub on split breast, between skin and meat. Then I toss the skin after it cooks. I usually buy boneless skinless though.

      I bought the pre-marinaded this time, because it was on sale and cheaper than buying plain chicken! It was nuts

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