Sugar Free Challenge: Day 7


Dr.’s office called.  Said to keep my June 20 follow-up to discuss.  The only thing she mentioned is that my cholesterol is on the high side of normal, she said we’d talk about all of the rest later.  This ruined my day.  Maybe it’s silly, but I was the only one in my family that didn’t have that problem.  I know it’s genetic and sometimes you can’t get away from it.  I’m still mad. 

And now I want to kick my Dr. for making the comment, “i’d be really shocked if your cholesterol isn’t in line”, especially with your diet and exercise.  I reminded him that my parents and my sister all have the problem.  Guess we’ll discuss when I go in.  The nurse said he’s not concerned about it though.


2-a-day Tuesday.  Just don’t like my cardio and full body weights together.  I ‘m glad I am doing the 2-a-days again on Tue and Thur, like I used to.

Weights before work today.   Surprisingly good considering I haven’t been sleeping lately and I was fighting to stay awake on the drive to Austin.  I did have to skip those burpees, the pain in my lower right side is just too much when I do them.  Don’t feel it at rest though.

After work, I went to AK’s (who BQ’d again in San Diego), to check on her house and kitty.  Left the car there and ran at Brushy Creek (she lives very close).  Running while you are pissed off in weather that is too hot isn’t the smartest idea.  Nothing happened, it just isn’t smart.


Pre-workout:  rice cake with almond butter

Post-workout:  Green Vegetarian’s migas (recipe from the restaurant in SA).  They were good, but not filling, I think I should have bulked it more with vegetables or added a side of refried beans like suggested.  I will have to post this one, it’s a keeper.

Breakfast:  overnight chia yogurt with pineapple, hot tea

Snack:  apple

Lunch:  Sunny mediterranean wrap, vegetable soup

Snack:   string cheese, carrots

Dinner:  Leftover cheeseburger meatloaf, salad, crash hot potatoes (crashed the boiled from the night before).  Dan told me he likes boiled better (probably because I used rosemary on the crashed, which he doesn’t like).  HUMPF!  Hot crash potatoes >regular new potatoes for sure.  The only reason I didn’t make them that way the first night, was because it would have taken an extra 25 minutes I didn’t have.

Snack:  Cottage cheese with strawberries (cup of each)


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