Sugar Free Challenge Monday: Day 6


Cardio cross after work. I guess it had been a while since I spent time on the stairmill on a Monday. Good old drowning in sweat workout.


Day 6 of the challenge.  Although I had all of my meals planned out today, the first bite of food I had today was a piece of chocolate.  I had all of my blood work done today (5 vials, OUCH!)  I was fine until I went to leave (about 10 minutes after they were done) then I got hot and dizzy.  Ate the piece of chocolate and sat down for a while in front of the hospital until I felt fine to drive.  I knew what I needed to do, i’ve passed out twice before after needles.  I didn’t even look, guess my blood pressure went nuts anyhow.

Breakfast #1- Latte with skim milk from Starbucks.  No soy, theirs is vanilla and has added sugar.  Just skim milk latte, no flavoring.  Note:  I do not like plain unsweetened lattes, as I discovered today.  I drank it anyhow, I needed something in my system.

Breakfast #2- Overnight chia yogurt with pineapple.  I love my “built for fun” Texas Rangers cup!

Lunch-  Sunny Mediterranean Wrap, bowl vegetable soup.  As you can see, the insides of the wrap aren’t pretty, but gosh, after the onion, oil, cucumber, spices and sun-dried tomatoes marinated overnight, it was even better as a leftover!

Snack– apple and string cheese

Snack- baby carrots

Dinner- Mini Cheeseburger meatloaves (made my own sauce to ensure it was SF), new potatoes tossed in EVOO, salad

Snack:  strawberries and sunflower seeds inside a lavash (random, I know)


So the blood work is done.  Follow-up appointment with the new PCP in 2 weeks.  How I feel seems to change on a day-by-day basis.  I have a weird soreness now in my side, hurts to do burpees or anything else that engages my core, so that has been cut out.  Not the same soreness I get 1 or 2 times a week, where my stomach is sore from being distended so much. 

Moving forward.  Hopefully blood work gives an indication of which way to go.


4 thoughts on “Sugar Free Challenge Monday: Day 6

    • nope, I had to be fasted. I should have brought an apple or something with me to have as soon as I was done. Luckily I had one of my chocolate calcium discs in my purse (I just had been skipping them before day 6)

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