Sugar Free Challenge: Day 4


I know every run can’t be excellent, but for the 2nd Saturday in a row, the whole run was a struggle.  I didn’t sleep at night, which certainly didn’t help.  I just never hit my stride.  My pace was what i’d consider slow for myself.  Plus I am at the point now where I need to start waking up earlier for long runs.  Although I am not training for anything, I need to run earlier…..and not get up early and mess around with the housework.

All in all, I was disappointed.  At least I knocked my goal mileage out, but it wasn’t up to quality AT ALL 😦  It’s days like these, especially when I have them consecutively, that makes me think I shouldn’t commit to any more races.  For 8 months my runs weren’t really affected, but now that they seem to be suffering, I just don’t know…


Pre-Run:  GF oats with cinnamon and banana puree

I didn’t consume anything but water on my run.  Nuun after the run.

Post-Run:  Apple, with almond butter-cinnamon Ezekiel toast

Lunch:   half serving of chili, mixed sauteed veggie, and a chili cheese dog on slice of bread (other half serving of the chili)

Snack:  plain yogurt with crushed pineapple (in it’s own juice)

Snack:  Stopped in Waco for a break on the way North.  Jalapeno string cheese, apple, and a water.

Dinner:   I chose Dickey’s BBQ, which just happened to be right in front of Fat Daddy’s Parking Lot.  So we found a spot near the venue, walked to dinner.  Not sure Dan liked it all that much, but he totally got the wrong sides (stuff I would never touch).  I got smoked turkey, salad, jalapeno pinto beans.  I ended up mixing it all together as a salad (I got some weird looks from the next table).  Topped it all with bbq sauce, pickles, and more jalapenos.  No photos, really, it looked like pig-slop, but it tasted great.  Drank water, because I didn’t think I could handle plain tea.


We walked to the field where the “Fat Fest” was and Lucero was playing.  I was thirsty, it was beer, liquor, or soda.  I had a diet Coke.  I tried not to and don’t even usually drink sodas, but it was SO hot and about halfway through the evening I caved.  So I had a slip-up in my SF quest, but I wasn’t about to drink beer!

The event was called Fat Fest, because the bar it was hosted by was called Fat Daddy’s.  It was um, an interesting array of people, but then again, Lucero always has a huge and varied following.  This was very different from their Austin fans.  Lets just say I felt old, but classy, and skinny (even though I was having an episode).

It was hot as heck and no breeze.  Plus, even though it was outdoors, the smoke was killing me, apparently everyone smokes there.  Sweat+dust+smoke=nasty.

Heather J., wish you were there!  (my friend HayJay loves Ben Nichols). 

I thought this note on their pedal was super funny!  It says “this doesn’t like beer!”  Haha, me neither.

We had a great time, they played for about 2 hours.  I started feeling badly toward the end, very low in my right back/inside.  Don’t know what the heck it was, never had pain there before.  I kept asking Dan where my kidneys were, he didn’t think that was it.

After the show, I ran into HEB to get a bottle of water and some microwave popcorn.  I am not a popcorn gal, but I was hungry.  So Dan and I had popcorn and watched “Fun with Dick and Jane”.  I fell alseep at some point near midnight, which is super late for me.


3 thoughts on “Sugar Free Challenge: Day 4

  1. theres sugar in bbq sauce ESPECIALLY from a bbq joint. and in beans if they were baked/pork and beans. just sayin 🙂

    dont beat urself up about the run(s). its that time of year. there will be good mixed with the bad.

    • Crap, I didn’t think about the bbq sauce, I was just thinking about the salad dressings, lol.

      the beans, I checked their NI before we went, it’s less than 1 g added sugar, from corn syrup. Still added sugar, but a negliable amount.

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