Memorial Day weekend recap

Ok, so it’s a week late.  Why?  Because the pictures were on Dan’s fancy waterproof digital camera and he only uploaded them to Facebook.  HUMPF!

We spent the holiday weekend up at Canyon Lake/Guadalupe River with friends.  Food, fun, lots of sun, and a little river.

Our hostess Melissa M. included groceries with the cabin rental, but I still brought some of my own food (and I don’t drink).   I’m just SO picky, that I always bring stuff just in case.  Salad (which I used on fajitas, burgers, and wraps), turkey wraps for the river both days, veggies, fruit, oatmeal, almond butter, cottage cheese,  lots of water.  I combined the food on hand with my food, worked out well.

I get asked a lot, doesn’t it bother me that everyone is drinking?  No.  I don’t mind drinking, I just choose not to 95% of the time.  I have many reasons, but I just don’t. 


Picked up Dan from work and we headed south.  Scouted some of the roads for running safety on our way in.  Met up with our group of friends at the cabins we’d rented.  Late dinner of yummy fajitas!


I was rooming with Dan and our friend Robb.  2 snorers, especially after drinking.  Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well.

I woke up, got dressed, and hit the pavement.  VERY humid and i’d neglected to observe the elevation, it was pretty challenging.  Considering the weather and the route, it really wasn’t that bad of a run. Scenic hill country views, that is for sure.

Back to cabin, showered, dressed to float the Guadalupe River.  Texas is in an extreme drought, but the river IS floatable in certain areas.  We floated the “Horseshoe” which is pretty far north.  It wasn’t bad, only had to walk twice.

We had a little bit of a hike to put in on the river from the shuttle bus…

River time!  Melissa M., her husband Travis, and their doggie Zeus.

I’d just met this friend of Melissa M., she was friendly, even before the alcohol.

Post-river BBQ.  Burgers, turkey burgers, brats, and hot dogs.    Robb is a grill master, lol.  He spends a lot of time near the pool and grilling.

This is what happens when you fall asleep with Dan, Travis, and I watching a show called “100 best pranks”.  I think he still has salt in his belly button, lol.  He spilled that beer all over himself when he woke up. Poor Brian.

Eat up!

That’s my lonely plate on the table.  I had a turkey burger and half a burger patty (they were HUGE).  I had brought a bag of salad, so I added that to my burger too.


Made up a pool-side body weight only strength session.  Better than nothing.

Moved our gang to Lonestar Floathouse for another type of river time.  Sitting.  Flow is low there, so floating isn’t really great, but sitting is fun.  Plus the floathouse has AWESOME food and people watching.

Our friend V came down from Lubbock 🙂  Yes, I wore that towel all day long.  It’s easier to hide things to explain to people why I look like a freak.


Someone decided the picnic table needed to be in the river too…

Sunday nights at the Floathouse are live music.  Good times, Midnight River Choir.  It was my first time seeing them.

Special appearance by Dub Miller.  Needless to say, I was SUPER excited, even if he did only play 1 song.  I miss him, he needs to come around more.


Started out the day with a short run.  I’d gotten cleaned up, dressed, and packed most of the car before anyone else woke up.

Drove back to Austin, stopped at Sears to order my new dishwasher!  Lunch at Fish City grill in Georgetown after picking up my car (OMG, their mexican shrimp cocktail is the BEST!).  Headed home for chores and to recover 🙂


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