Things I like Thursday: Girl’s Race Trip


My sister will run her first half marathon. I think I am way more excited about it than she is.

Mom, sister, and I will be in Dallas for White Rock December 2-4.  Can’t wait.  We are all signed up to do the Half.

I asked BFF to do it, being as she said her #1 goal before she gets pregnant was to run a half….now she’s wavering on me.  I’ll admit, i’m a bit disappointed, but it’s her decision.  If she changes her mind, I have hotel rooms booked at 2 different locations, haven’t decided where to stay yet.  I am staying at one of them for a week in August, so I may wait and decide then if I like it.

It’s going to be good times for sure!  Lots of friends participating, weather should be excellent.  I am still on the quest for a good cold race.  The only race I have really ever done with perfect weather was RNR Dallas 2 years ago.   

 Maybe Dallas will be good to me again?


2 thoughts on “Things I like Thursday: Girl’s Race Trip

  1. tradionally dwr is always COLD. last year it was fo sho! below 30 wind chill. it was fine once you got going, but standing in that wind was not so nice! so happy we will all be up there together again!

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