Sugar Free Challenge-Day 2


2-a-day Thursday:

Weights before work this morning.  Pretty good session, i’ve been doing better with my energy for strength, even though my stomach is still bothering me.

Adaptive Motion 3 mile “run” at high resistance after work, before dinner with sister.  I wanted to run outdoors, but knew I had to go to the gym to talk to them about my annual renewal.  6 years! 


Pre-workout snack:  Almond Butter (that I ground myself at Whole Foods) on a rice cake

Post Workout/Breakfast #1: Another egg-wich with hot tea.  I’m weird, I actually prefer most hot teas with no sweetener.

Lunch:  veggie soup and a salad with kidney beans, chickpeas and some quinoa tossed in with some balsamic vinaigrette.  Yes, there is an oil sheen on my soup, I added my 1tsp of EVOO to it to get some good healthy oils in!

Snack:  Cottage cheese with strawberries and chia seeds, no cocoa this time. I don’t really mind this so much without the sweetener.

Dinner:  Sister date at Spicy Pickle.  They have a new menu now, about 60% of the old stuff stayed on the menu.  Tried one of their limited edition salads (the Santa Fe).  I didn’t take a photo, but I should have.  It was grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, romaine, grilled balsamic onion, with spicy chili vinegrettte.  WINNER! 

No photo and not one I could borrow from their site either 😦  I was originally going to get the new Santa Fe sandwich (my sister did), but I wasn’t feeling fabulous, so I opted for the salad option.  They no longer have my veggie soup, which is heart-breaking.  I LOVED that darn soup.  I got it as a side with my Bastille Panini every single time. (or the occasional El Rancho salad).

Snack:  Ok, for the first time I REALLY missed sweetener.  Dan finished off the strawberries and peaches.  He doesn’t really eat fruit, so I wasn’t the least bit upset, I want him to eat produce!  I put my yogurt in a bowl with some nuts and ate it.  Not really a fan.  I at least need fruit to help plain yogurt.  I even tried to add a T of almond butter, which didn’t help things.

Thursday is my Friday.  YAY!


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