Blood, sweat, and beers

So apparently I have a weird definition of fun and what I do while Dan is out of town, lol!


There was the sister date that I blogged about in the PM.  But in the AM, I woke up at 4 am to drive to Temple for a race.  I wasn’t sure for the last 2 weeks if I was actually going to do it.  I really wasn’t feeling strong and didn’t get to finish that run last Saturday.  I felt alright when I woke up, so I got dressed and drove North.  I’ve never actually traveled that far for a race on the same day, so that was interesting.

Not much to report.  I ran just to run.  I didn’t want to push myself too much.  Change of scenery for sure.  Country roads with cows, ponds, farms, etc.  Although it smelled like cow poop and burning brush the whole time.   I decided to run the first half (it was 2 loops) at a certain pace.  I still wasn’t sure how I felt, so I ran up until mile 10 at that same pace and then picked it up a little.  When I crossed the finish line I felt like i’d run 3 miles, not 13.1.  Didn’t really like that feeling, but I told myself it was probably the smart thing to do.  Although, knowing I left A LOT of gas in the tank and was just over a minute off of a PR, that was annoying.  But I respected the fact I hadn’t been feeling well and I ran with my head.

I was 5th woman overall.  3 of the 4 people in front of me, including the winner, were in my age group.  Nice.  I need to be faster or a different age, lol.

Before I headed home, I hit up KMart in Killeen, because there are only a few left in Texas and I only go twice a year usually.  I got some cool stuff.  Call me a dork, I miss Kmart.  Yes, I drove 20 miles out of the way in another direction to go to KMart.


Another 4 am wake up call.  Volunteered at the Rogue Trail Series at Reveille Ranch in Burnet all morning.  So much fun!  I’d never been to a trail race before.  Very hardcore!  And the ranch was gorgeous.  I want to go back.

Race started at 7, (10K and 30K options).  I had to be there at 6 am and it was about an hour from the house.  I was assigned to Aid Station #1.

This was the view as the sun came up at our station.  The weather was PERFECT and the views were amazing.

We got to work on putting the station together.  Made Poweraid and water cups, and then set out the spread…gummy bears, cokes, oreos, trail mix, bananas, oranges, pb and jelly sandwiches, granola bars, chips, etc.  I can’t imagine eating any of that stuff DURING a run, but people did.

Trail runners are a different breed.  I can’t imagine running either of those races (I had 1 friend running each of the races).  The terrain was tough.  Lots of falls and blood, no broken bones though.  And tons of people got lost and off the correct route.  I don’t like falling OR getting lost.

Here is my friend Chris doing the 30K.  He’s hardcore.  He’s a road racer too, did TIR and Silicon Labs relay on my teams.

The finishers got burgers, beer, and awards. At the end, we just kept yelling that it was just 1 more mile to the beer!   We ended up being on course way longer than planned, because several people got really really lost.  Most of those people though, crossed into areas that were clearly marked as “off limits”.

I’d definitely volunteer again.  Met tons of cool people.  Maybe 1 day i’ll do a short trail race.  The course at Diva Dash was an actual trail like that and I was very paranoid the whole entire time that I was going to break my neck.

After the race, I got groceries on the way home, ate a very late lunch, mowed the lawn, and did laundry.  By time Dan got home from NOLA, I was wiped out. 

Very exhausting weekend, but I had a ton of fun 🙂


3 thoughts on “Blood, sweat, and beers

  1. What a great weekend, hon! I’m so sorry that I’ve been away and not reading up or even checking up on you! I feel awful! I hope that everything’s going well for you, and I promise to keep up now. 🙂

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