Things I like Thursday: Random Acts of Kindness

  • Someone left me a handful of Tazo tea bags on my desk today 🙂
  • My mom bought me gluten free turkey at HEB over the weekend.  She even brought me a Boar’s Head brochure about their NI.
  • Dan had my car washed and detailed last Friday.  Awesome.  Except I didn’t notice.  I was only in and around my car on Saturday briefly or when it was dark.  I felt horrible that I didn’t notice.  I still really appreciated it though…once he pointed it out.
  • ARC donated 100 gallons of water they couldn’t use to the Alabama tornado relief
  • Great show of volunteers at Daisy 5K last weekend.  We always have wonderful volunteers for that event.
  • My sister woke up early to volunteer at Daisy, although I knew she REALLY didn’t want to.
  • Some of my coworkers were very generous with donations for Alabama tornado relief.  It was awesome.

I try to go out of my way for others.  I know I have room for improvement, most people do. 

Be kind to yourself and others today 🙂  Happy Thursday!


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