Open hearts

After seeing the devastation in Alabama caused by the tornadoes, my heart ached.  Dan’s family was fine, our friends lost power for a week, but were also fine.  They were the fortunate ones. 

The Austin SEC club posted on their facebook that a woman in Austin area was driving a truck to Alabama this week and was taking donations.  I started a drive at work and asked Dan to do the same.  The support was wonderful, some of our coworkers were very giving.  Dan, myself, and my parents also went out bought supplies to send.  I made two trips to the store over the weekend, completely filling my cart both times. I spent most of Sunday morning and early afternoon working on sorting, boxing, and labeling the items.  My whole living room was full!

This is why my rotator cuff hurts 😉  Apparently 2 jugs at a time, 50 times, swung over the truck uses a lot of that part of your arm.  OOPS!  I loaded all of this water into Dan’s truck on Friday from the ARC storage unit.  I took it to the race to get the rest of the leftover water and food.  We had 2 cases of bananas and 100 gallons of water from Austin Runner’s Club.

Leftover food from Daisy 5K got sent too.  Thanks ARC!  I’m glad they were able to donate the leftovers to the cause.

Sunday afternoon we drove over to the coordinators house.  We unloaded our stuff and then helped her unload a ton of items from the Austin SEC club.  They were unsorted, so we assisted with that too.  The photos don’t do the amount of items justice, it was a TON of stuff!

More stuff.  Great support from the Austin SEC club.  Big thanks to Dan for unloading all of those gallon jugs of water 🙂

She was picking up from several different churches, to add to the already large amount of items, and then driving to Alabama on Tuesday morning. 

Makes me happy that friends, family, and total strangers opened their hearts and gave to the residents of Alabama.


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