Mother’s Day weekend


 I attemped a short and very sore run that morning (from trigger point and ART on my legs and arm).

After work I loaded 100 gallons of water (1 gallon jugs 3 at a time) into Dan’s truck.  The rotator cuff did NOT like this.  Oops.

Parents were at the house when I got home.  Made pizza for Dan and the parents and watched a little tv. 


Mom, sister, and I all went to the lake to workout and then work the Daisy 5K packet pickup at Runtex.   That didn’t really go well at all.  My mom was tired, my sister hurt her knee, and I pulled something in my leg and couldn’t finish the run…this was after I opened up the blister i’d gotten at BunRun the week before.  FAIL.  Somehow we all made it back to the car in 1 piece.  Popped into Starbucks to see if that would help heal me.  It didn’t heal me or put me in a better mood.

For the next four hours we hung out and worked the packet pickup.  Lunch from Threadgill’s was awesome.  Had that grilled tuna steak salad again.  Sister and mom raved about their food too.  What can I say? I have good taste in food.

We then ventured to Pecan Street Festival, it’s what mom said she wanted to do…Dad met us out there.  Now I know better than to take them somewhere crowded and hot, but she insisted that’s what she wanted to do. 

I was fascinated by this guy….1 man band. 

I really liked this art-impact display (airstream covered in ashtrays).  It was for Tobacco Free Austin.  And it reminded me that Austin has been smoke free since 2005, which makes me VERY happy.  Ironically enough, the opposite side of the festival, was Camel and Snuf.  (i’m rolling my eyes). 

I am glad Austin is smoke-free and to all of the people who criticized me for voting FOR the ban and told me it would kill live music?  Yeah, you were very wrong. 

We all “test drove” these gorgeous cypress chairs and patio swings.  I wish Dan would have been there, because I would have loved for him to see these things.  I REALLY want the swing, I just don’t like the $800 price tag.

We didn’t even make it halfway through before they decided they were done. Right after we did the chairs, they all tasted and bought gourmet nuts and called it quits.

My sister and I had my car, so we finished the festival.  Ran into my BFF Alison and chatted with her and her husband for a bit before we headed to the lake for drinks and dinner.  Mom’s pick was Hula Hut.  By the way, that isn’t really a lake, it’s the Colorado River, but they call it a lake for some reason.

Everyone loved their food.  I know some people don’t care for their Mexo-nesian flare, but I like it.  I had green chile veggie enchiladas with shrimp added.  It was new to me and very good.

My dad never smiles.  Ugh.

After dinner, I took her to the phone store and got her a new phone.  She wouldn’t make a decision on her own (although Dan had done all of the research already).  So I went and looked at it with her, got her all set up on the new phone, and tried to teach her how to use it.  Her and my dad are anti-texting and smart phone, so it shouldn’t be that hard to learn, lol.

Finally made it home at 9 pm and it was time to start winding down.  BUSY Sunday planned


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