Race Report: BunRun

I can’t say this started out well.  I woke up and didn’t feel well at all.  No energy and looked like a balloon.  I sat on the floor as I was lacing my shoes up, seriously contemplating going back to bed and taking a DNS.   Really, when my stomach is acting up, running is the only time I actually feel better, but there is a tradeoff, being bloated causes me to waddle and run weird, stressing my hip.

Ate breakfast and starting moving, still didn’t feel any better.  Decided to head downtown anyhow.  That didn’t start off well either.  As soon as I parked, some goober parked practically on-top of my car while I was still in it, knowing that there was no way his passenger couldn’t get out without hitting my car.  Instead of him straightening out (which I waited for him to do), I had to move my car over the end of the aisle, hoping I didn’t get a ticket for parking like a jerk.  GRRR!

It was warm and very humid.  Headed down to the start at Auditorium Shores, warmed up a bit, and went to corral.  They said there were 3,000 people there.  I wanted to be closer to the front, I am never close enough.  I was certain this time I was close enough, I seemed pretty darn close.  I told myself to just have fun, it was pretty warm and super crowded, plus I still wasn’t feeling any better.

I’ve come to realize, that it’s not me being close enough to the front, it’s the people who has no flipping business being in the front.  If you have a dog, child, holding a DLSR camera, or are wearing jeans, you really should be in the back. 

As usual, when the gun went off, I was dodging and weaving through the people who don’t understand corralling (and wasting energy).  I was about 300 people back from the front I guess (I could see the mass of them as they went across the river). 

I felt like I started off a bit fast, but by mile 2, I was still running negative splits.  I didn’t think I could get mile 3 negative, but there is just something about that bridge that gets me going with a little more gas.

I crossed the finish, knowing i’d done very well.  Surprisingly well.  I was so in the “zone” I didn’t even realize my bib holder had flipped around and my number was on my side.  That or I was distracted by the shorts I chose to wear (I’m pretty sure I don’t have the body type to wear compression shorts).

22:16.  New overall 5K PR.  Big course PR too, the last time I ran BunRun in 2008, I ran a 24:58.

Maybe I need to look into doing more 5Ks.  I’d pushed them aside in the last 3 years, but throwing one in the mix every so often may not be a bad idea.

Looks like i’ll be getting my WW Walk-It Challenge 5K charm today at my meeting 🙂


6 thoughts on “Race Report: BunRun

      • i thought you were going to say something like that and well i just laugh. melissa, you have body image distortion too; just like me. :O) good God girl, your legs are THIN.

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