Brought to you by the letter “F”

“this morning’s long run is brought to you by the numbers 72 and 84, and the letter F. 72 degrees, 84% humidity, and…well…you can figure out the F. And it is only the end of April. It is going to be a LONG summer.”

I love Megan.  That was her quote after her run yesterday, which was last  long run before her taper for Pittsburgh.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  I didn’t run with her, but my weather was just the same.


AK invited me to join her coached run at 5 am in Round Rock to “test drive” the group.  I whined about getting up at 4 am, but then again, that’s not that much earlier than I usually get up on weekdays.

The run was hot and humid.  Small group, but nice people.  I liked the coach, we had a lot in common.  Two of them did 22 miles, one did 16.  I didn’t really have a plan on how many I wanted to do, so I did 12 and rode in the coaches’ support truck the rest of the time. 

I really liked the experience, but I just can’t justify paying to run with a group.  It was nice company, nice encouragement, nice to always have fuel and water around.  Maybe i’ll change my mind later on. 


Hit up Sprouts market before I came home.  Then mowed the yard, cleaned the house, and did a few other projects.  I think I finally slowed down around 8 pm.  It was a non-stop day, but nice.

We both did take a break to watch Friday Night lights before I fell asleep.


Dinner was all about grilling.  I wanted to eat outside, but our patio is 100% sun in the evenings and it was steamy 😦

Grilled chicken (2 different seasonings), kabobs, sweet potatoes, onions, and a mass amount of zucchini (that’s the only way Dan will eat it).

I’m glad we have leftovers, but I wish there was more!


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