Things I like Thursday: PRs

Have you ever taken a glance at Pace Prediction charts for your different race paces?  I imagine most people are all over the place.  I know I am. 

Gets me to wondering just how much I can improve in the different distances.  From doing some studying, the half marathon is my best race distance.  It’s definitely an outlier on the pace charts for me.

I  had PR’d in every distance race i’d ever run until Angie’s this year.  I knew that wasn’t going to happen with the weather and I didn’t foolishly force it.   I also know that you can’t PR in every race you run.  In fact, i’d really love an ideal weather race.  The only one I ever really had was RNR Dallas Half last year.

I know the 10K distance is my worst, especially since i’ve only ever done 2 and that was mandatory to finish a race series in 2008.  10Ks just aren’t my thing.  Maybe I need to give them another chance.  I think it’s more of a mental thing and not having the pace down for the distance.  But then again, most of my TIR distances were near that mileage and I rocked those.

I’ve never written down my PRs to look at them, but I did today.  I honestly don’t remember any of them off the top of my head.  I usually just look after a good race to see if I beat it.

Mile:  never raced this.  Maybe attempt in May

5k:  23:10 (gun timed race only)-April 2011

10k: 51:45-April 2008 (only done 2 and they were both in April that year)

Half Marathon: 1:45:11-January 2011. 

Marathon: 4:00:13-November 2010

I just don’t race a lot, so I haven’t had much opportunity to improve.  I may add some more 5Ks and a few 10Ks in to see what I am capable of. 

And i’m still on the fence about another marathon.  It’s just not as much of a goal anymore.  Ask  me again over the summer, lol 😉