Hot hoppin Easter!

Not your typical Easter blog.  I don’t think we did anything we usually do, but I was ok with that. 

Went to the gym when it opened.  Had the worst workout i’d had in months.  Coincidence that I introduced gluten back into my diet at midnight last night?  Maybe, maybe not.  The workout was horrible though. Not to mention when I went to foam roll my legs, I had huge knots.  Not good.

Well I neglected to observe that both Super Target and HEB were closed on Easter.  Walmart isn’t.  I had to get groceries at Walmart.  I hate their produce.  They have very little of anything.  I made due.

I was successful in planning ahead for the Easter bunny though (bought most of the stuff last month).  The bunny left Dan this basket of goodies.  Only candy is in the little eggs, just small pieces of the good quality stuff.  That’s how this bunny rolls 😉  All things he can use for snacks.

Come home, get ready, then Dan and I head off to Round Rock for an Express game.  It was pretty warm, but a gorgeous day at the ballpark and not very crowded, which was nice.

I tried to snap a picture of Dan’s giant hotdog, which was a Nolan Ryan beef 1/2 lb dog.  I guess if you are going to have that much dog, it may as well be good quality.

There are no photos of my lunch, because Dan didn’t want to play along and I was making a mess.  BBQ turkey sandwich with extra pickles and bbq sauce.  Because of my stomach being mad, I wasn’t physically hungry, but I knew it was time to eat, so I ate.  I’d been wanting that sandwich all lent season, so even though I was wondering about putting gluten back into the diet, I ate it anyhow.

Rest of the day was pretty chill.  Dan replaced his stereo, I did laundry and grilled chicken fajitas for dinner. 

I fell asleep on the couch watching the Office with Dan after he finally wrapped up his stereo project for the day.  This bunny had a long day and had to turn in early.


3 thoughts on “Hot hoppin Easter!

  1. My boyfriend and I love baseball. We’ve been to one Astros game this season, are going to another on Friday, and then going to another on our anniversary in May.

    Random fact: I love hotdogs. Love them. Jonathan thinks it’s funny and cracks up every time I mention how good the sound (probably because I only eat them once or twice a year but say they sound good once a week).

    He doesn’t always play along in regards to photographing for the blog either, boo.

    • awesome. We haven’t been to any Astros games yet, but we got at least once a year. Last year I got to do 3, which was a record for me. I even had an Astros and a Rangers game both in opening week last year 🙂

      We went for Biggios last game and then again for his jersey retirement. I have all of that stuff hanging all over the walls of my office at work 🙂

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