Saints, sweat, and songs


I woke up early to meet up with my friend.  She was running one of her longest pre-marathon training runs in preparation for her 11th full.  I was going to meet her for the 2nd half.  I hadn’t run long in 2 weeks, which was killing me mentally.  We were tagging onto Al’s Ship of Fools, which is a running group (mostly ARC people) here in Austin.   I ran a mile from the gym to the park, but didn’t see my friend.  Right before 7 am, she came flying from the water coolers….no water.  Poor thing just ran 11 miles and couldn’t get a drink.  And she was SOAKED it was super hot and humid.  Her shorts looked like they weighed 10 lbs.

We set off for the 10.71 route through what is called the “hills”.  It’s an area mostly west of Mopac back where Hula Hut is and then north of there.  Very nice and safe area.  I told her to set the pace, I was just going to be happy to make it the distance.  I told her if I didn’t feel ok, i’d turn at the 7.71 point (which was another run option for the group that morning).

Well about 3 miles in, she got sick.  Good thing we’d moved out of the neighborhood and into Tarrytown where there was a Starbucks and then again on the “drag” aka UT campus at another coffee house.  Poor thing kept apologizing to me.  I was just concerned about her making it back.  She insisted on finishing her miles and deemed that run “the worst of 2011”. 

Honestly, it didn’t matter to me that we were running a pace much slower than usual.  I enjoyed her company and I was really glad I was there to get her through it.  I know it’s embarassing for people to see you when you are weak, but good friends don’t care about their pace, or stopping to walk with you, or waiting for you to collect yourself. 

It may have not been the nicest run on the Garmin, but mentally for me, it was a good run.  She called me a saint.  I corrected her and said, nope, that’s just what friends do.


After the run, I ran back to the gym, showered, then drove south to the ARC meeting for Daisy planning.  May 8, don’t forget.  Need a discount?  Email me or leave me a comment 😉

Then home to work in the yard all day. This wasn’t easy, because I was not motivated to do this AT ALL.  Rare for me.  I like the yard stuff.  Had to finish our flowerbed (was put on hold when Dan left town for a week for work).  Only took twice as much rock as planned.  Expensive project, but it looks great.  I’ll try to take photos after the grass gets mowed, lol!  We also had to replace our front porch light, which is 20 feet in the air.  Lets just say there was an incident in the wee hours on Wednesday morning where a lightbulb, a resident bird, and glass were involved.  We (Dan), safely got up there and replaced it. 


Eventually we got cleaned up and moving.  Decided on dinner late, so nothing was really open that was fast (but sounded good).  So we opted for Taco Cabana.  I love their fajitas.   And I also love the rare occasions when Dan will actually share something with me (even though it was fajitas for 2). 

Then on to Saxon Pub, which is probably my favorite inside music venue in Austin (maybe close tie to Cactus Cafe).  It was a special night with Willie Nelson Tribute by one of Dan’s favorite local bands, Uncle Lucius (they performed the whole Red Headed Stranger Album) and then Reid Wilson and his So Called Friends did a few more tunes.  Reid chose “All the Girls i’ve Loved Before” as one of his songs and it was so AWESOME. My face still hurts from laughing and smiling. 

I was surprised I was still awake enough to drive home when it was all over.  It was a heck of a long day.   I was starving when we got home, so we each had a snack.  It was after midnight, so I had a Ezekiel grilled cheese.  It was sooo good.  Not sure if it was the amount of time i’d been without real bread, the fact I love grilled cheese, or the fact that anything tastes good at 2 am 😉


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