Good Friday

Why, yes it was!

Friday is usually my DOR, so that was a given.  I’d originally thought about walking to Starbucks (a mile) to get a latte, but then I decided I didn’t really want the latte, so I enjoyed breakfast on the patio with Chanel.

Worked from home in the AM, which isn’t usually allowed this time of year unless it’s something urgent.  I got so much done, it wasn’t even funny.  I hope that once things settle down, I can start working from home at least 1 day a week again, because it’s highly productive and good for my sanity.

Noon rolled around and I was getting hungry.  I just made up something random for lunch.  I was looking for meatless and filling.  So shrimp chalupas (sorta) were born.

Corn tostada shells, refried beans, Nacho Momma’s Queso, Normandy blend veggies, onions, and of course some shrimp (which i’d sautéed and dusted with Emeril’s essence).  Not the prettiest food, but it was darn tasty…and filling too!

Then I cleaned like a madwoman.  Mopping, scrubbing, washing, etc.  My house looked awesome by time Dan came home from his trip.

I whipped up some Shrimp Rolls for dinner.  Then we ran up to Georgetown to pick up Dan’s motorcycle which he’d dropped off for service.  On the way home we had a yogurt date.  Was only about 6 months overdue, lol!

I have 3 Groupons to our favorite place and hadn’t spent a single one, so we headed over to Berry Cool and enjoyed a nice break together.  Cheesecake and pecan praline yogurt, YUM!  I do know that I will not be putting dried blueberries in my yogurt again.  I think I am still picking them out of my teeth.

Headed home to watch Friday Night Lights 🙂  I’m going to be so sad when the show is over (I know it’s already over, but not for us yet, since we are watching it as it airs on regular tv).

We both needed a chill evening, it had been a LONG week for all.


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