Whiney WW meeting

I like attending my Weight Watchers meetings at work.  Mondays during lunch, can’t beat the convenience.   I just walk a few blocks, attend my meeting, and walk back to the office.  Much easier than driving 15 miles each way to 1 of the 2 WW centers closest to my work.  I’ve always belonged to this meeting, ever since following my buddy Alison in 2007 after seeing her success (we both made Lifetime in summer 2007). 

Fast forward a few years.  We’ve been through 3 leaders (our current is the longest term one, just over 2 years).  Even after time has elapsed and many new members have joined, we’ve only had 2 more people make Lifetime, 1 of them quit attending.  The other one attends once a month (which is all that she has to do).  So my meetings are all people in losing mode.  And they all seem to be stuck in  the same mind-set.  They all expect miracles and don’t follow the program.  This leads to crummy attitudes and frustration because of no losses.  It’s a vicious cycle.  New people join, don’t follow the program, quit attending, or still come and have sob stories every week.  We rarely get to celebrate achievements, because there isn’t much being achieved.

I can tell our leader isn’t very pleased with the way the last 2 years have gone.  It must be horrible to have to stand up there and lead a meeting to people who already have their minds made up to fail.  Some weeks, her and I have conversations while no one else even speaks.  Most of the time I try to stay quiet.  My meeting is all women, all of them older than me.  I get dirty looks when I offer advice or speak sometimes, which is uncomfortable.  Like take today for instance.  The topic was tracking/journaling.    Statistics show that you are 50% more likely to lose weight if you journal what you eat.   80% of my meeting never even tries to journal and no, none of them do Power Foods, or Simply Filling, etc.  They just simply think having a WW membership book will magically take the pounds off.  I was asked by the leader if I had any advice.   TRACK ON THE DAYS YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT!  I sound like a broken record, but really, it takes 2 minutes a day.  To me, that’s a small price to pay to keep all of those pounds off of my body.  I am pretty sure that half the room rolled their eyes at me.

Another rough spot is for WW at work to continue, we must have a certain number of paying members.  Since I am Lifetime, I do not count.  So 4 times a year, we struggle to get enough people to sign up for the meetings.  It was much easier immediately after i’d lost the weight, because it was easy to recruit people using myself as an example.  But once you’ve been at goal for 4 years, people either never knew you were overweight or don’t remember the fact that you were. 

I’m starting to face the fact that my meeting is probably going to go away soon 😦  Which means factoring in attending another meeting.   I spoke with my leader today and told her i’d try to help do whatever she needs, but I’m running out of ideas.  I have put flyers all over creation for years, i’ve verbally advertised it, etc.  Honestly the best publicity is word of mouth and people showing their success to others. Kind of hard to show success when there really isn’t any 😦

Guess i’ll start looking for another meeting just in case.  Like the end of an era.  Gotta be prepared I guess?


2 thoughts on “Whiney WW meeting

  1. After reading your blog, I see myself being one of those people. I was feeling like there was something wrong with me that I can’t loose weight. What’s wrong with me is that I am not actually trying – half assing…. this week I see positive changes due to my additude change (maybe not on the scale since it’s passover). I look forward to working on not just the number but me 🙂

    • hang in there. YOU are worth it! The program works, if you work the program.

      It’s the best thing I have ever done for myself and it’s truly a lifestyle for me. I will never go back to the way I used to be. I feel and look great and I am not deprived one bit 🙂

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