The road goes on forever…

Friday night date night!

Dinner at Sushi Sake.   I love that place, we don’t go there often as it’s in an area we don’t really frequent.  Had a bowl of their soup, which is seriously bigger than my head and a spicy tuna roll.  Dan tried something new, don’t remember what it was, but he had that and some sashimi.  We didn’t get their special secret rolls because it has things in it I can’t currently eat 😦  And no soy sauce, since I forgot to bring my own.  Still very tasty 🙂  We don’t eat sushi near enough, but there are only a handful of places I trust here and i’m not one for being a guinea pig and the first person I know to try a new place when it comes to fish.  No photos, because really, it wasn’t all that exciting.

After dinner, I had to run in to Old Navy (which we both despise) because I forgot my sweater and I am ALWAYS cold.  Not having a sweater wasn’t an option, I would have frozen to death with the strong winds.  Got a purple hoodie for $2, SCORE!  I also got some Easter socks when I was checking out.  Then we hit the road for Stubbs in downtown Austin. 

I’ll admit, I am not a big Robert Earl Keen fan.  I like his music.  I won tickets for his show on KGSR last week, which was perfect, because Dan LOVES REK and has for many years.  In fact, he’s seen him many times, but never in Texas. 

 Friday night, REK at Stubbs

It was a good show, minus the beer showers I got at the end during “The Road Goes on Forever”. 

We didn’t get home until almost 1, and for some reason, I wasn’t tired.   How the heck was I not tired?  I’d been up since 5 am!


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