Saturday shocking success

4 hours sleep+getting lost on way to race+severe smoke allergies (due to Texas wildfires)+freak cold front=PR!

I honestly can’t believe I got out of bed on Saturday morning.  I got 4 hours of sleep.  I am worthless without sleep.  For this reason, I usually have a “no going out on Fridays if there is a race or important long run on Saturday).

To compound the fact that I was tired, the wildfires in Texas were still burning strong, which meant I couldn’t breathe.  It was bad Friday night, which in turn, left me unable to breathe on Saturday morning.  I drove to Georgetown and it’s a good thing I was early, because Googlemaps sucks.  It told me to go right where I needed to go left.  I eventually made it to the park, but I was very close to just giving up and running at San Gabriel Park by Dan’s office. 

The weather was WONDERFUL.  It was 50 degrees and felt like heaven.  I registered and warmed up.  I kept telling myself that I was too tired to do very well, just take it easy.  Besides, it was a fun run and gun-timed only.  With there being several hundred people in a gun-timed race, there would be no stellar performance.

I started mid-pack.  That was my first mistake.  I also assumed slower runners and walkers would start further back.   WRONG.  The course was VERY narrow, so the first half mile I was confined pretty tightly.  At 3/4 mile, I saw a high school boy get sick.  Can’t say i’ve ever seen that at the beginning of a race!  After the first mile, I was able to hit a groove and a pretty good pace. 

By Mile 2.5, I’d moved up quite a bit.  There were 3 girls in front of me.  Mile 3, 1 girl in front of me.  She finished .01 second in front of me.  She took first, I took second.  Technically since I started further behind her, I beat her. .  But because it was gun-timed, I settled for 2nd and a new PR.  I really liked my Garmin time, which was 20 seconds faster than gun time.   I was content with my finish and walked around with the 1 person I knew to meet new people and congratulated the young girl who beat me. 

Either way, a new 5K PR.  I learned many lessons and had some reminders about that distance.  It had been so long since i’d run a 5K, that i’d forgotten how to pace, strategy, etc.  Plus I felt like I still had gas in the tank when I finished, which almost never happens.

I’m running another 5K in May, but by then, the weather will probably be pretty warm, so a PR will be hard to come by.  But having a surprisingly good performance at a race is the PERFECT way to start your Saturday!

I’m a goober, I never really wear anything special for races, but since it was near Easter, I wore those new Easter socks, a pink flower-y ponytail I got in the kid’s Target dollar bin, and pink shorts.  I had to show off my socks (and my new fence).  I suppose I thought by lifting my leg, you could see the socks from 10 feet away, lol!

Maybe my socks were what brought me luck?

And maybe I like those new Brooks Trance 10 shoes afterall 😉


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