For the last month I cannot get out of bed on Wednesdays.  Just Wednesdays, I’ve had no issues getting up any other day of the week.  Weird. 

I eventually got out of bed and went for my run before work, but because I wouldn’t get out of bed, I didn’t get to do the workout I wanted.  Maybe I’ll snap out of the funk by next week.

Much better day at work 🙂  I was able to deter most people from coming into my office and in return I got a great deal accomplished.


For lunches all week I’ve been eating Turkey with White Bean Ragu.  I saw the recipe in Good Housekeeping when I was getting my pedicure after Diva Dash on Saturday.  I used ground turkey instead of cutlets and added some thyme.    Pretty sure Dan wouldn’t eat it, but i’d make it again for myself.  

Dinner was new fun stuff, since Dan was out.  In fact, everything on my plate is something we wouldn’t eat 😉   Helens Kitchen chicken garden steak  (5P+) with avocado, mushrooms, on Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free Hamburger Buns (5P+), topped with a little of that Nacho Mom Vegan Queso with a side of fresh steamed broccoli with EVOO.  Did I ever mention how much I LOVE that queso?  The whole jar is 160 calories!  (I haven’t eaten a whole jar, but if you wanted to…)  Note:  Only the fire roasted is GF.

The buns and the “chicken” steak were pretty good, although pricey.  If I do have to maintain this GF diet for good, i’d buy the buns on occasion.

After dinner I made 3 dozen waffles to freeze for Dan’s breakfasts.  Hadn’t done waffles in a while, he wanted a change.  So we’d been doing different variations of Mini Omelet Muffins from Roni at Green Light Bites.  I first made these for a work function to “test drive” them for Michele’s post-wedding brunch.  HUGE hits both times.  Dan liked them, I will be making more this weekend if I have time, they are time consuming when making many batches.

I’m awesome.  Someone remind him of that 😉


2 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. I go through those funks too where it’s hard to get out of bed but that’s weird that it’s just on a specific day of the week!
    I love your reason to run! It’s my sanity as well.

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