Certain people at work have been wearing me super thin.  I think it’s making me sensitive to all kinds of other silly things that I usually ignore. 


  • Diva Dash sent participants an email asking people to email in their finish times if they thought they may have placed in their age group.  WHAT?  I think they should skip awards all together, maybe it should have been planned a little better.  Most people weren’t even wearing watches and there was no finish line clock.  Plus they weren’t enforcing time penalties for skipped obstacles.  I have a time, I was wearing a watch, not really concerned about an award.  It still annoys me though.


  • I am NOT happy with the work done on my yard.  I really hope Dan will call that man back out there and tell him that his quality sucks.  My fence is nice though (different guy)


  • I’ve had to babysit far too many adults lately, especially at work.  I’ve been tiring myself trying to help others.  I need to focus on myself first.


  • Coworker who defended his food last week, yesterday was defending the fact that he didn’t attend the WW meeting.  Guess what?  I don’t care and didn’t ask.  Yes, i’d like to see you succeed, but I am still not the WW police.


  • Another coworker went on and on today about how he’s starting a new diet.  Guess the current one isn’t working (it’s always something new).  I didn’t have enough energy to explain a lifestyle change to him again.  I had this conversation with him IN THE GYM like 6 months ago as we were lifting.  I would think that maybe in that environment that more would sink in?


  • Supposedly the regional manager for the car dealership is in town and wants to see my car tomorrow.  I called to confirm the appointment for drop-off today and I never got a response.  NICE. Hopefully he doesn’t suck as bad as the dealership does.

Someone needs a nap, lol!  Tomorrow will be a better day and I will NOT let everything get to me.


One thought on “Headaches

  1. That’s crazy about your work computer!! I don’t know why it does that!! I PROMISE there isn’t any porn! Haha!

    Did you try typing it in instead of going through Google Reader or something? I know I don’t have the “Adult Content” box checked on my settings page.

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