Finally Friday

Day of rest for me.  I really thought about running, because I didn’t run much at all during the week, but I decided to rest.

Had half this badboy for dinner Thursday night and then the rest during lunch on Friday.  I get my money’s worth at Jason’s Deli.  Too bad I dropped the 2 side containers in the parking lot 😦   My favorite part, the bean salad, didn’t make it. 

Hope they never start charging by the pound like HEB does.  We threw my boss a surprise birthday party at lunch (that’s why I planned to have simple leftovers for lunch).  I set up everything while she was in a meeting.  She was indeed surprised!  Mission accomplished 🙂  And I got to eat my awesome salad.

The afternoon flew by, before I knew it, I had to meet mom and sister, so we could drive to dinner with Michele.  Berryhill was good, as usual, although they messed up my order twice. 

I love their fish tacos.  I just wish they had better sides other than their beans.  I HATE their rice and they recently changed their salsa too, which is now pretty watery 😦  At least they still have their spicy pickled veggies, I adore those.

Unfortunately during dinner, I got a text from boss with an assignment 😦  We still had to go to Runtex for packet pickup!  Packet pickup was unorganized and slow, just like i’d predicted.  We made it home at like 9 pm!

Then I had to switch hats and go into work mode.  Had to make some calls to some unfortunate souls that needed to be put to work too.  I ended up just setting my alarm for super early, so that I could hopefully finish the assignment before we had to leave for the race.

I felt horrible telling Michele I had to work instead of hanging out with her.  Plus it was the first day i’d seen Dan all week, since he’d just come in from Canada 😦

Not the way i’d pictured my Friday night.


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