Things I like Thursday: Friends, food, and fitness

My two BFFs are meeting for the first time ever on Saturday.  At a race.  A race I talked them both into doing.   I’ll admit, i’m a little excited about seeing them, more than about the race itself.  Honestly, I am still ALL WORKED UP about this silly race. 

Alison used to work with me, before she moved to the town where her now husband is.  I’m not sure that we ever got anything done.  She’s the one that I followed to WW meetings, after seeing her great loss (over 50 lbs!).  We used to have  a tradition on Thursday nights, we’d cook dinner at her apartment and eat it while watching Grey’s Anatomy.  Miss that 😦 

Here is Alison and I at her wedding, dancing to FloRida. 

That is what happens when someone who  never drinks, does so on an empty stomach.  Don’t worry, I ate dinner and THREE pieces of her wedding cake that night.  I’ve had one drink since then.

My other BFF is Michele.  Michele is from San Antonio, just like me.  She rushed my sorority when I was a junior, that’s how we met.   My sister, Michele, and I are family (but i’m more of a mother hen to both).   We  spent many nights hitting up concerts, going to sorority events, and hitting up Whataburger at 2 am.  We all ended up joining WW after college, I think we had a little TOO much fun when we were kids.

 I hope they get along.  They have a lot in common.  Both are newlyweds (sorta 1 got married March 2009, the other June 2010), both are WW members, snarky sense of humor, and they have ME!


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