Say What? Wednesday

Anyone remember “Say What Karoke” from MTV?  It sprung into my head the other day when Dan was on a rap music kick.  “Big Pimpin” came on and it made me laugh, because I think that was the #1 most drawn song on the show.  My sister and I used to watch that show all of the time.

Anyhow, the words seemed fitting, today was a “SAY WHAT?” kind of day!

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, but I shoved myself out and into my workout gear and reflective gear.  Glad I did, although it was windy and the allergens were flying, the temperature was perfect and it was a good run 🙂

Work wasn’t as good, unfortunately.  I didn’t get near what I wanted to done.  It didn’t help that so many people wanted me to help them with their looming deadlines, which only pushed my own work onto the back burner.  Looks like a really early Thursday for me 😦

Ran into a former co-worker today, he re-joined WW for the 3rd time on Monday.  He was heating up his lunch at the same time I was nuking my sweet potato and spicy-veggie part of my lunch.  I wasn’t even looking at what he was eating, nor do I care.  But he felt the need to defend his food and make excuses.  Not quite sure why he thinks I care what he’s eating.  Guess maybe he thinks I am the WW police?  Definately not. Yes, sometimes I may look at what others are eating, but that’s your own choice, I do not care what you eat, whether you are WW or not (unless you are Dan, I care what he eats, lol!).   Why do people always feel the need to give me un-solicited opinions in the breakroom?  Must be something in the air in there!

Headed home, was excited to see my new yard.  I came home to my yard untouched and my fence only mostly-finished.  This was an improvement on yesterday’s fence, which never happened, because the lumber truck never made it to my house.  I hope these people finish their jobs before Friday night when Dan gets home.  I hope the yard leveling takes care of the spaces underneath 3 of the 4 sides of the fence, because right now, Chanel and Missy would be able to crawl underneath.  I can’t have that, I want peace of mind when I let them outside for “supervised play” in the evenings.

I was feeling really un-inspired for dinner tonight.  I’d made a lentil chili recipe on Sunday night from the Whole Foods website for lunches for the week.  I only ate it for Monday’s lunch.  It was so salty, I couldn’t stand it (I am guessing mostly from the different brand of tomatoes and green chilis I bought).  Not wanting to waste the cooked lentils and veggies, I drained the liquids off and rinsed it. 

The first plan was to make it into lentil burgers, but since I’ve had failed attempts at homemade veggie burgers before, I changed my mind.  I decided to toss them into a meatless stir-fry instead.   Lentils, a package of broccoli stir-fry, and some crushed almonds, lots of spices, EVOO, and some Bragg’s amino (soy sauce alternative).  It was pretty darn good.

And just in case you are wondering….yes, I am working my way through the Chobani I have from my shopping spree last Friday, getting ready for the stuff that I won, lol!  Can’t beat a container of Chobani with chocolate chips, nuts, or both for a great evening dessert!  I pretty much eat one a day either for an evening snack or an afternoon snack, so they don’t last long, especially when Dan opts to occasionally eat one.


3 thoughts on “Say What? Wednesday

  1. Thanks so much for checking out my blog and my giveaway!! your story about the WW guy was pretty hilarious…how random! haha! Have a good night!!

  2. Glad the run ended up being a good one. I get more comments about what I eat (or don’t eat in the case of meat). I just want to slap people sometimes, I mean full out slap them. LOL Hope the yard gets done. Why does construction like that always seem to take twice as long??

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