Under construction

I guess this week begins “we’ve lived in our house for 2.5 years now and are finally fixing our yard.”

Don’t get me wrong, we have put extensive time, money, and labor into small pieces of our front yard (not near what we need to).  We also brought the lawn back to life after the previous owners decided to quit watering it. 

Saturday we removed most of the plants in our big front flower bed and re-arranged them, because some of the smaller plants got way bigger than they were supposed to last season.  This took FOREVER.  Then we layed new weed barrier and new mulch.  Went with rubber mulch.  Spent $100 on 10 bags and still need more for just 1 silly flower bed.  I’d rather be buying flowers with that!

The builder had put in a crummy fence when the house was built, so it only lasted 6 years.  *sigh* fence was falling down.  So yesterday, we had the old fence removed.  New fence is currently going in.  I am actually VERY excited about this.  I think I will like my yard a lot more with a really nice fence. That and not be scared that when the wind blows, that it may fall over.

We’ve done NOTHING with our backyard. Dan said nothing until the leveling gets fixed.  I swear our house is in the Rocky Mountains, that’s what the yard looks like (but covered with grass).  Wednesday and Thursday it’s getting leveled out, as much as can be done (both the front and back).  This is something we’ve wanted to do, but it’s just way more time and labor than we can do (and it’s $).  We have a giant freaking yard.

So by Friday I’ll have a new fence, a level yard, and 101 new projects to work on 😉  Dan and I drew out a plan for everything we want to/need to do in the yard on Saturday.  I told him, lets only talk about what we are going to do in the next few months (before it’s 105 every day!)

I’m excited, I love that kind of thing.  Both of our parents are big into gardening and “yard of the month” winners.  Dan did not get that gene.  He doesn’t like yard-work.  He also doesn’t like staying at home.  He does what has to be done, like mowing.

His parents are coming in the next few months for a visit.  My parents will definitely be here Mother’s Day weekend.  I want to WOW them with my green thumb 😉 

I better get cracking, that’s only a month away!


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