Let’s go to Luckenbach Texas…


With the sister, friends, and Dan 😉  Today we celebrated Dan’s 33rd birthday in Luckenbach,

He rode his bike, sister and I came in the car.  I don’t ride the motorcycle.  That’s his bike in front of Luckenbach General Store.

It was an afternoon of great friends, music and people watching.  There is the Luckenbach Longhorn, which is always entertaining…

See those big beautiful trees?  Luckenbach is full of them…they are oaks.  Pretty when they aren’t trying to kill me!

Our friend Devon and Melissa M. showed up to surprise Dan 🙂  Melissa brought her doggie Zeus, who is ADORABLE and such a good boy.

There was also music and cookie cake (which he requested).

He pretended to blow out the candles, because I couldn’t light them all.  Guess he is too dang old, lol!

I really wanted some of that cake 😦  It was obviously not GF.

Had some sister time too

Happy happy birthday Dan 🙂


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