Wednesday Woes and Wind

Allergens were sky high and the winds were insane on Wednesday morning.  No outdoor run for me.  I opted to go workout at the office gym and then clock in at 5:30.  I need my head examined.  I  had a ton of work to do and I like doing it with no distractions.  All of my distractions were still asleep, hehe!

Bad day at work.  Not a fan of  grown-ups acting like children.  Afternoon meeting went south, I left work mad.  I was just happy that part of the day was over.

Headed North to meet Dan.  Our AAA baseball team is now a Rangers affiliate!  Exposition game with the Rangers and Express was on tap 🙂  Baseball makes everything better.

Dan and I walked next door to the stadium (because they had nothing I could eat with my current GF situation).  They allow you to bring food in, but Dan didn’t want me to have to do that (nor did I really).  We ate at the Round Rock location of Salt Lick BBQ.  (it’s pretty well known in Texas).  Anyhow, I am not really a fan of their food.  They have a tiny menu and I don’t really think it’s anything special, plus they have weirdly sweet BBQ sauce.  I got smoked turkey and a big bowl of beans, with tons of pickles.   Their beans are good, which is nice, because it’s their only side i’ll eat.  Not photo worthy, believe me.  It was ok.  I like Rudy’s better, especially since they have more to choose from and I like their sauce better. 

We walked back over to the stadium and it was super windy, cold, and crowded.  Sold out crowd.  Settled into our awesome seats, which are also our season ticket seats.  (we have partial share in season tickets that we buy into and also Dan sometimes gets the suite for work).

Good times.  Express won, 4-3.  Should be a great season for both teams, lots of talent.  We were both really cold the whole time, but I held on the whole game, I didn’t want us to miss the rest of the game.  Where was this weather last weekend?  Perfect running weather!

By the way, I have made it clear that I want to wash their pants in hot water.  Maybe I should launder for them.  Who wants baggy britches?

Next game for us is 4/24.  Yeah, oops!  I didn’t realize that when we selected our 1 and only weekend or daytime game, it was on Easter.  Dan and I are ok with that though, ought to be fun 🙂  And I can enjoy whatever ballpark food I chose to eat, if I want to eat there, hehe!


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Woes and Wind

  1. Oh girlfriend, I’m sorry you had such an oogey Wednesday! I might have to meet up with you at the park sometime, though! I think the game of baseball is too slow (football and basketball are more my cup of tea), but it’d be a great excuse to get out and socialize with my Austin runnergirl! 😀

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