I think I just have something on my face that says, “Hi stranger, please give me unsolicited comments!”

Mom and I were shopping at Academy Sports and Outdoors yesterday, looking for throw-away shirts for Sunday (I already like mine too much, I should have bought something fugly).  Anyhow, there was another mother-daughter combo (both who were very overweight) shopping the other side of the rack.  I asked my mom if she could find anything smaller than an XL?

She laughed and called me “skinny-mini”.  The random stranger mom said, “yeah, you are so lucky.”   She then went on a tangent about age and genes and blah, blah, blah.

Lucky?  Really?  Luck has NOTHING to do with it.  I muttered something about how I wasn’t always this size and I walked away.

Those words have been eating at me for over a day now.   I wanted to tell her everything i’d done to achieve my goals.  I wanted to tell her that Weight Watchers changed my life.  That I made the decision to eat better and become fit.  That I feel and look 100 times better than I ever did before.  I wanted to tell her that LUCK HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.


2 thoughts on “Lucky?

  1. oh girl…i cannot STAND it when people start giving me grief about my food because it ALWAYS comes down to genes, something hurts, or age and that i am lucky…and that “if i looked like you i wouldnt worry about what i eat or dont eat”.
    i want to say to them DO YOU KNOW HOW OLD I AM? and what i have to do what i do to STAY in shape? yeah, its NOT luck.

    • I know what you mean. I don’t like people to criticize me and be judgemental when it comes to stuff like that. I could care less what people think, but when they verbalize it to my face, then sometimes it eats at me.

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