I think part of the reason my workouts haven’t been strong lately is that i’ve been going non-stop.  I’m hoping this doesn’t turn into me going non-stop straight into the ground.

Nothing exciting. Been working, been working out, been tired.

First I had TIR, which was awesome.  But starting the next day was “Hell Week”, which lived up to the name and then some.  Plus I got sick that week, plus I didn’t really give myself a proper recovery from the race weekend (big lesson learned here).

Fast forward and other than last Friday (when I took off for SXSW after begging for the day and asking many favors, and then not going), I’ve had 0 downtime.  Not from anything.  Work is still overloading me.  Filling in the time around work with the rest of life and working out. 

The calendar is starting to fill up fast.  I am already looking at very little free weekend time between now and mid-July and soon, i’m sure that will all be full too.  From now until November, we are always SO busy.  Sometimes it’s fun, but often exhausting.  That alone is starting to overwhelm me.  I love spring and summer fun, but sometimes I need a break from that too!

It’s full steam ahead into the rest of the week.  Trying to wrap things up at work so I can leave a bit early on Friday to set off for Clear Lake and Angie’s Half Crazy.  Mom is coming into town tomorrow afternoon and then we’ll take off for Houston area in the afternoon on Friday…IF I can get work done.  I have meetings all dang day tomorrow, that’s a productivity killer if there ever was one.

I have so many things to take care of this evening, it’s not even funny.  Good thing I knocked out my run before work today (although the oak is now killing me from it).  I worked in our yard for a few hours yesterday and now I have to go pick up supplies to finish it in the next 2 evenings before it gets super hot and my plants are fried.  Plus, I really have to clean before mom gets to town.  Meant to do it earlier in the week, but it just didn’t work out as planned.   It’ll be a cleaning and gardening marathon tonight! (can I carb load for that?)

Did I mention that Dan is in Vegas for work until Sunday night?  Hard life, huh? I’d originally planned on going on that trip, but since I can’t take days off of work, I couldn’t 😦  I was lucky to get that whole day last week that I blew.  MEH, at least i’ve never been and don’t know what I am possibly missing 😉

I’ll be honest, I am TERRIFIED of the race on Sunday.  My last long run went fine.  I do have some knots that I could do without, but they don’t impact the run.  It’s going to be hot (especially the 2nd half), it always is.  In fact the last few miles of that race are usually just like the last few miles of the TIR anchor leg I ran.  Hot, hot, and HARD.  I’m keeping these sentiments to myself though, don’t want to scare my mom. 

Even if I don’t do as well as i’d like, the experience will be one I will remember.  I will always remember mom’s first half marathon.  Her last long was 2 miles longer than me, so she is more than ready.  It’s going to be a fun weekend.  I get to see June and Nicole, which I don’t see near enough.  My ARC buddy and TIR captain Megan is coming down also (she’s using the race as a Boston training run).

4 thoughts on “Buried

  1. Ugh, I have got to get in the yard for a weekend marathon cleaning, planting, weeding session. It’s horrible. Yep, when we’re exhausted mentally and physically, workouts suffer. I can’t wait to hear about the race though. I think it’s so great your mom is doing this!

    • I cleaned, but no yard yesterday. Sweated my rear off at Home Depot after work yesterday and then just cleaned. At least the house is presentable.

      Unfortunately that means after dinner with mom and sister tonight, I have to come home and try to do the flowerbed. Dan and I have a super busy week next week, so I know it won’t get done then 😦

  2. junieb says:

    yeah, too bad the ‘cold front’ is not coming until Tuesday. its going to be a bear for me too, but with everything thats been in my way for the past month, i am just grateful i can finish (probably) 🙂 seriously considering running without a chip.

    the humidity is whats going to suck the life out of me. its supposed to be through the roof this weekend. :/

    • yuck. That’s the way it always happens with fronts…always better weather 1-2 days AFTER!

      I think we’re going to be in the same boat, we’ll get through it fine I hope 🙂

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