Random observations

Just some random observations and musings lately that I don’t get….


  • Running with bible.  This wasn’t even in Austin, it was in Cedar Park.  Brushy Creek Saturday morning, man running with bible.  I’ve never seen that one before.
  • Working out with curlers.  This morning I saw a lady doing weights and cardio with curlers in her hair.  Even if you don’t sweat, I think this is strange.
  • It was 99% humidity and almost 80 in the early morning on Saturday, I saw a man running in tshirt, shorts, and gloves.
  • Lady wearing a tube top, cutoffs, and NO shoes to lift weights.  Did I mention her hair was at least 3 feet long and it wasn’t pulled back at all?
  • Reading between sets.  Not a workout journal, not even a magazine.  A novel. 
  • I don’t know why the fruity colored weights exist at the gym at all
  • I overheard a lengthy conversation between 2 women about how they didn’t want to “bulk up”.  I tried hard not to laugh
  • There is a man at my gym that works out more than once a day and he wears the same clothes for the whole week.  It’s nasty and he’s a profuse sweater who flings sweat everywhere.  Did I mention he smells?  It’s the #1 reason I rush to the gym on Mondays, to try to kill most of my workout before he gets there, which means less time I have to smell his stench
  • Running is not the solution to everything.  It is a great solution to many things, but not for everything


  • Very few people in my WW follow the program.  They come, weigh in, complain they don’t know why they didn’t lose, and glaze over during the meeting
  • A lady told me yesterday she couldn’t eat like me for the rest of her life.  Like what?  She has no idea what I eat.  I suppose she thinks I don’t eat.  HA! 
  • You can’t out-train a bad diet.  Running will not solve your eating issues. 
  • If something is a trigger, try to limit it.  I love to bake, I like sweets.  I rarely bake at home unless it’s for an occasion or event.  If I want something, I eat it out most of the time (good quality stuff).  Or I buy a small serving to share with Dan.
  • I do keep dark chocolate at home, but I keep it behind closed doors.  If I want some, i’ll get some.  It’s not in plain sight, so I don’t go nuts with it.  Out of sight, out of mind.

Just my 2 cents 😉


6 thoughts on “Random observations

  1. LOL – I actually saw someone running in shorts, tank and gloves the other day too. Very confusing. We have an older man at the gym who does his weights at record speed. Like if he does them super fast he’ll get fit. Um, not working.

    • We have a weight speedster too.

      Oh that reminds me, at the downtown location, where I stretch and shower after my long runs, there is an old man who wears little knit shorts. Like the soffee cheerleading shorts. It’s very revealing and gross. And he’s a grunter when he lifts weights, as if the shorts thing wasn’t bad enough

  2. Maureen says:

    I wanna know if he was READING the Bible or just carrying it??? LOL!

    Dan looks great, SXSW sounds like the perfect place to be, you are lucky to live where you do!

    • At the time, just carrying it. Maybe he was doing run-read intervals?

      I’ll tell Dan you said that 🙂 He’s lost about 10 lbs since Jan. He’s making changes little by little.

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