SXSW Saturday

Started the day off with 12 miles.  12 long, very hot and humid miles. 

Showered, made some lunch.  Guess it was more of brunch, since it was right before 11 am.

My version of Claim Jumper’s Jamaican Sweet Potato.  SO good.  This time I made the potatoes in the crockpot while I was running.  Then sautéed green onions, bell pepper, red bell pepper, chicken breast, pineapple, and Jamaican Jerk spices.  Kept me full all afternoon, which was what I was aiming for 🙂

Then the music.  First Dan and I hit Revolution Bar.  Eastside.  If you don’t know Austin, Eastside is the “not so privileged area” (that’s how the TIR summary referred to such neighborhoods, sounds PC to me).  Anyhow, I am pretty sure that it used to be a Mexican Discotheca.  It was a pretty rad little dive.  We were there for the 9 Bullets showcase.

We were actually early, only because the noon band didn’t play.  We were there to see new music we didn’t already know.  That’s the beauty of SXSW, getting exposed to new things….

Like “2 Cow Garage”:

I was bummed that we couldn’t stay for Glossary.  Dan was heading to Houston with friends to see Ryan Bingham (I opted to catch other friends at SXSW).  This place is not within walking distance of any of the other places, so I didn’t have a choice but to move on 😦  Plus I had to drop Dan off near Whole Foods, which was like 8 miles away.

I sent Dan on his way and then headed on to Molotov…

Yes, that is one of the bars that bachelor Brad owns, and yes, he was there.  So was the brother.

Saw several bands including “Reid Wilson and his So Called Friends.”

And then Reid Wilson and his girlfriend

Aren’t they cute?  That’s my friend Heather from Dallas.  Hopefully soon she will be Heather in Austin 😉  She said she’s going to start running (holding you to it, I know you are reading this, hehe).

Celebrated our friend Sarah (in the green), 21st birthday.  Yes, us geezers have a few young friends.

Molotov has a giant open air window, so that’s why we are so shady 😉

Then off to Waterloo Records (they do all day-all week showcases) down the street for HAYES!  I love me some Hayes Carll (and yes, I saw him last Saturday night). 

First it was Neon Trees.  I was FAR from the stage, they’d just started when I got there…

Needless to say, I got A LOT closer for Hayes once the Neon Trees fans left.  By time Hayes went on, it was even more crowded than before. 

Hayes was wonderful, as usual.  One the way back to the car, I stopped to get some GF oats.  I only walked out with $15 worth of stuff.  MIRACLE

That’s the Whole Foods flagship store.  It used to look gigantic until that skyscraper moved in.

Finale was sister date at Vivo.  MUCH better than last time.  Sat on the patio for a few hours and caught up.  The enchiladas were extra cheesy (really too cheesy and I NEVER say that).  But very good.  If you’ve never been there, the inside is dark, trendy, almost club-like.  And both locations have lots of art-deco mod paintings of boobs.    None of the men in our family like it, I guess it’s too hip for them, hehe

Every lady gets a rose.  Not sure how the 2 of us got one 😉


5 thoughts on “SXSW Saturday

    • Come next year 🙂

      I usually go 3 days. This was a REALLY light year for me.

      Can’t describe it, it’s SO much fun. And you don’t even need a wristband to see tons of great things. This was my 9th year. I started in college

  1. HayJay says:

    I went and walked/ran (a little run, a lot of walk) 4 miles after work today… so I’m getting started again! 🙂

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