The day off

I’d been waiting for Friday FOREVER.  A day off, finally.  SXSW, finally.

Got up, got dressed to run, grabbed my gym bag, and drove off to the train station.  Got to the station and realized I had no sunglasses.  Not to run in, not to be outside in all day at SXSW.  I simply cannot tolerate that much sun without sunglasses.  My eyes would go berserk.

Run home, search for shades.  There went the 2nd to last train.  I keep multiple shades in the car, but Dan took my car.  By time I’d found a pair to wear (the 2nd pair from 3M goody bag), the last train had left 😦  I could have driven the truck downtown, but parking during SXSW is near impossible, and in Dan’s truck, I didn’t have the desire or patience. 

Drove home and was a bum all day long.  Cleaned some house, got some projects done.  Took a much needed nap, caught up on DVR.  I guess that would be ok with some people for a day off, but it put me in a crummy mood.  I actually almost just got dressed and went to work. 

Dan came home, we chilled a while, then decided to drive back up to Georgetown to eat dinner at Fish City Grill.  It was alright.  Since it was Lenten Friday, I couldn’t eat meat, which was fine, because I really wanted some tuna or shrimp.  No tuna, so I opted for peel and eat shrimp (which I got addicted to in Florida over the summer).  I am glad there was no photographic evidence, because I pretty much inhaled them (it was after 8 when we were eating, which is really late to me).  They were alright, not the best i’d ever had.  Dan got raw oysters, which I think are disgusting, he also had grilled shrimp and their cream of jalapeno soup.  I tasted the soup and it was good, but one of those things that is definitely something to be enjoyed in moderation!

We then went to Dan’s office and I “helped” him do some spring cleaning and moving offices.  He said it was helpful and he feels good about what we got accomplished.  I had to practically force him to go, because he didn’t want to, but he was grateful when it was done.   I felt like I was getting in the way, but I was able to do some filing and cleaning.   We got home after 11.  11 is WAY past my pre-long run bedtime, but it was worth it to have an evening with Dan that didn’t involve tv.


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