Letters from the doc


Short run through the neighborhood.  Was supposed to be longer but I guess I didn’t actually set my alarm.  Woke up in enough time to get 3 miles in the rain.


Spent the morning playing phone tag with the nurse at one of my Dr’s offices.  The ONLY Dr. i’ve liked since i’ve been in Austin.  He’s actually the one that gave me the recommendation of my new PCP that I’ll be seeing in mid-May.  Anyhow, I got a letter yesterday from the medical center where he works.  I thought it was telling me that he didn’t take my insurance anymore….it was MUCH worse.  He’s moving home to Seattle 😦  I am heartbroken and yes, I almost cried.  I only see him 1-2 times a year, but he really is a good Dr.  His nurse said she’ll be working for whoever they hire to replace him.  Guess i’ll try the new man/lady when they get hired and see.  Sadness.  I need to get him a “Good Luck” card or something.

For the first time in ages I was able to run a few quick errands during lunch.  Easter decor for my office, dish washing stuff for our nasty work break room (it’s not my section that is nasty, it’s all the weird people in other divisions, I can’t stand it being so dirty and gross), and a camera bag.

Dentist in the afternoon, then rush home to grab Missy and Chanel for torture.  I think it pains me more than them.  I am always scarred for a few days after them SCREAMING in the car on the way to the vet.  Longest 8 miles ever.  Missy was actually the good girl this time, Chanel was a terror.  Dr. was happy with both of them, although Missy gained a lb in the last year 😦  Cats and weight are very hard, because they can easily develop fatty liver if they lose too much weight or too fast.  He said to leave her be.

After a really long time at the dentist and then the exhausting trip to the vet, I was beat.  I’m glad I didn’t have to cook dinner.  I decided to catch up on my Real Housewives of Orange County since Dan wasn’t around (he was at SXSW).  Those women crack me up.  They go workout and then go have cocktails afterwards.  I guess that’s one way to do it.

Speaking of Housewives, OC was the only one so far i’ve been into.  I started watching Miami, not sure about it yet.  That’s my fill of junk tv for a while (at least for this week, lol!)  I’ve watched a few seasons of OC.  It’s not uncommon for me though to lose interest in things and just quit watching, I totally have tv show ADD.  That one has stuck with me, at least for now. 


I had cottage cheese and peaches for a snack.  Believe it or not, i’d never paired them together, even though it’s a common combo.  I dug it, but I will add cinnamon next time.  I love cinnamon.

HEB had a meal deal last week, buy lettuce leaves, get tuna and tuna spices for free.  Sounded good to me.  I’ve actually never had lettuce wraps before.  I bought the Rosemary Citrus seasoning.  Pretty tasty, was quick, plus high in protein (and low in P+).  I added celery because that’s all I had time for because I threw it together before work (im usually much more prepared).  It made 2 servings, so i’ll enjoy it again tomorrow 🙂  It was great with the giant bowl of veggie soup I had.

fascinating, huh?

Leftovers for dinner, even better than yesterday.  I think that shrimp tortilla soup will go into my “keeper” binder 🙂


3 thoughts on “Letters from the doc

    • I’d never watch anything if it weren’t for DVR.
      Before Dan moved back to Texas, I didn’t even have cable. Now we pay a rediculous amt for 100s of channels and even the SEC network. NUTS

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