Hell Week

It was just like it was advertised and then some…

Remember that 35 mph wind that blasted me in the face on my first leg of Texas Independence Relay?  Well from the moment that I finished that portion of the race up until Wednesday night, I was sneezing.  Something in the wind that day REALLY aggravated my allergies.  For the rest of the race weekend it was just alot of  sneezing (I usually don’t have that reactions to allergens).  And I brought plenty of medicine with me, but that was no match for whatever was trapped in my nose 😦  I had about 15 sneezing fits during the rest of the weekend that first leg.  I’m sure my team-mates loved me.

Then once I got home, my regular allergic reactions started to happen…tired, lethargic, run down.  And then the lack of sleep piled on top of that and then the reaction to running 4 races in 1 weekend on top of that.  I woke up Monday DEAD.  There was no calling in sick or going home early this week.  I was kicking myself for not using Emergen-C before and after the race weekend.

Pretty much my days went Monday-Friday: get up early, go to work, work late, come home, eat, go to bed, repeat.  I planned ahead for my meals, so that wasn’t bad.  Dan was out of town for work all week, which was really for the best.  I’m sure I wasn’t pleasant.

WORKOUTS: I took a DOR Monday which was planned, Tuesday I did weights before work which didn’t seem bad.  Wednesday I worked so many hours I pretty much came home and went to bed-unplanned DOR.  Thursday I attempted a run after work and it was horrible (very slow and I could only force 3 miles).  Friday morning was a little better but not much.   Saturday I was so scared of what my body was doing that I did 8 miles on the adaptive motion trainer (to avoid impact on my dead legs).

I’m still physically and mentally exhausted.  My house is a wreck, i’m trying to get it all cleaned up and ready for another week.  This week won’t be as bad, but it’ll still be hectic.  I’ve been working all weekend, not at the same pace as last week, but in an effort to ease the stress of this coming week. 

I’m off, i’ve got meals to prep, laundry to do, and a house to clean 😦  Maybe when I have chance for a breather, i’ll catch up on my overflowing google reader!  (I briefly read a few days ago in the bathtub on my itouch, lol).  I’m a multi-tasker in every possible way lately 😉

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