TIR: Sunday Recap

No sleep was had, I am surprised I could even function (I’m worthless without sleep). 

My first leg was cold, super early, and dark, the way I like it.  Very strong run, passed many.  I was feeling GREAT!  And then it happened.  I made a wrong turn.  I am STILL mad at myself for this.  I had gotten in front of all of the runners ahead of me that I could see and I turned left (although gut told me to turn right).  I had studied the directions and I guess I was half asleep.  I figured it out after several minutes and corrected, but the mental damage had been done.  I’m not proud of it, but I freaking cried at the exchange.  I was just so so mad at myself for running extra and costing myself time.  Getting lost happens and I wasn’t the only one.  It happens every year and more than once, but I was so frustrated, I just broke down.  Nothing like crying in front of a bunch of guys.  Did I mention the guy who sold me my new shoes was also the volunteer at that exchange?  Yeah, doubly embarrassing.  Glad the camera was MIA.

We all went to Starbucks because it makes everything better (my first trip there in FOREVER too).  It made me feel much better.   See?  We all had a caffeine load, hehe.

As soon as I started to feel better, it happened again.  We had 2 more hiccups.  Some of the legs have ALOT of turns (I can’t use that excuse, mine only had 3).  Even if you study them, accidents can happen.  On AK’s leg, the COPS actually sent the runners the wrong way.  Luckily I was looking out the window and saw it, and we stopped and sent someone after her and all of the other runners.   Here are 2 of our guys running with AK later on toward Memorial Park.

By this time, we were moving into downtown Houston.  AK handed off to Megan in Memorial Park and Megan started the “Captain’s leg” which she was super excited about.  Her report of that leg wasn’t with the same excitement and cheer, lol.  Here is AK’s handoff of Captain Meg…

During the next leg we saw this fellow.  Hope he had Body Glide!  It was quite amusing to onlookers for sure 😉  Hey, at least he had the body for it!

Meg was disappointed to find out that while he was from Austin, he was running on the gay pride team.

This is what the van looked like on Sunday.  Seems like all of our crap migrated from the back of the van to all over the van.

Fast forward about an hour and 1 drag race later (long story, but we drag raced a van who wouldn’t get out of our way in the hood).  Oh and a rejected “meat load” that one of the rookie girls had at one of the hand-offs.  (glad I wasn’t being tagged at that one!) It was time for the final leg.  It was just after noon.  Warmer, strong sun, a longer leg through the refineries. 


I was looking for redemption.  Mad, tired, hungry runner.  LOOK OUT!

The San Jacinto Monument looked like a mirage for miles and miles.  (Chris A wasn’t kidding when he warned me of this).  Thanks to Sergio for jumping in halfway through my leg to keep me company.  Hardest miles of my life.  I was tired, hot, and struggling.

At the very end, 4 of the guys helped me bring it on home 🙂 


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