TIR: Saturday Recap

I was up and at it early on Saturday.  Places to go, people to see, insanity to experience.  Made a quick breakfast taco and headed to AK’s house, where our “North” van would pick me up.

Made a pit stop in Luling for Breakfast.  Van #1 ate BBQ, yes, BBQ for breakfast!  Just one of their many “meat loads” on the trip.  My van opted for traditional breakfast.  Since i’d already eaten (no way I can go that long without breakfast), I just had a snack.

We took our blue-minivan caravan on to Gonzales, where the race would start.

Got ready to go.  Funny, I didn’t even use the belt, it was so dang windy, I thought pins on the shorts would be less annoying

Photos before the start…

The whole team ran the “Prologue”, but our first runner, Ivan, was to run his leg as well.   Here is exchange #2 from Ivan to Megan.

My first leg was in Shiner, home of Shiner beer.  My leg actually took off from their parking lot, amongst empty kegs, haha!  I got to run east for like 10 feet before turning North.  Turning North into 35 mph wind.  I won’t lie, it was VERY hard.  It sucked because of the winds, the hills, the feeling of not even moving.  I didn’t get passed by anyone and I passed 1 guy, that was a plus.

I drink gracefully, lol.  Apparently that’s the only thing I do with grace.

I stretched and cooled down a little before I hopped back into the van, but not enough.  I was super tight when I hopped out again 15 minutes later.  Had to take the roller to my legs and really work on loosening up.

I was done for 6 more hours.  More cheering, more van time, and plenty of time for pb&j.  Our captain, Megan, made sandwiches for both vans.  I suggest she put inspirations on them.  This race’s inspirations are brought to you by Charlie Sheen.

Another exchange point…

In Flatonia, a bunch of the guys all had sausage on a stick for a snack.  I can’t imagine eating that as a snack or before running. (last photo of the day, oops!)

We eventually leap-frogged ahead to Columbus, which was the next set of legs our van was to run.  I was the first one on deck.  Grabbed dinner at Schobels (I shared something with AK). Several of the guys did another “meat load” with german sausage.  My goodness, I don’t know how our fastest runners could eat greasy meat before running and not get sick.  This was the only real meal of the whole trip.

My leg #2 was about 10 pm.  Dark and getting colder, just like I like it.  1 mile was in Columbus, the rest was down an isolated country road.  Once I got past town it was pitch black and my flashlight went out.  Of course I tensed up because I was terrified of falling.  The shoulder of this road was very bumpy.  The weather was perfect though.  I passed 5 people on this leg, it was fun picking off the blinky lights in front of you.  Best part about the dark is that I couldn’t see the giant hill at the end (even though I knew it was there).  This was probably my best leg of the race, perfect weather, strong, and good pace.  I got to the exchange to hand off to Mike.  I didn’t see him, but it was hard to see even with the lights.  I started yelling for him and he didn’t appear.  Apparently I was faster than expected and he was in the porta-potty.  He darted to my side of the road and took off.

After my run, I cooled down, walked, stretched, etc.  I stretched and walked every stop we dropped someone at, because I didn’t want to cease up.

Our van was “on” until 2:30 am.  Then it was our turn to sleep.  Sleep is a rough term.  Sleep means driving to the next stop where we run (which was far) and park.  So we got to Luke’s Locker and had until 6 to “sleep”.  Well the van did, I had to get up earlier to get ready, because I was the first runner from our van for the next rotation. 

Sleep with 7 people with 1 snorer and 1 sleep talker doesn’t really happen.  I got MAYBE 30 minutes of sleep.  I need sleep to function.

3 thoughts on “TIR: Saturday Recap

  1. this sounds like my relay team eating at Olive Garden, weirded me out personally cause I knew I couldn’t run with all that food so I just got a salad…I was the only one not sick later 🙂

    gotta love a van of smelly, snoring people

    • lol, yeah!
      Amazingly none of those guys got sick AND they had the fastest times.
      However, the 1 girl, who also happened to be a rookie did eat the same food and did get sick. Yuck. She lost it after her handoff that morning.

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