Out of my element

Really, Thursday is probably going to sound like a horrid day.  It really wasn’t, but looking back on it, I’m amazed that I was in such a good mood almost all day!


I usually have a bad run before a race.  That run was Thursday morning.  Zero energy, my stomach was still sore and achy.  Garmin looked good, I didn’t.


In line with the rest of the week, work was nuts and I got little accomplished.  The most I got done was when I opted to take an all morning conference call in my office instead of the conference room.  I multi-tasked. 

I had a dinner event to attend at 7:30, so I had 3 hours to kill.  Went to Jos A Bank to pick up Dan’s clothes.  Then hit up Sprouts to get Dan a bunch of snacks from the bulk area and some light groceries for the weekend.  I still had over an hour, so I decided to go to Texas Running Company and look.  I had a Groupon there that didn’t expire until July, so I wasn’t really looking to spend.  I spent.

Trying a new shoe (starting next week).  AK has been raving about Brooks new cushioning technology (she wears a different model).  It started with me trying on my regular Kayanos.  Then asking about other options.  Before I knew it the Brooks rep just happened to walk through the door and I was sold.  I’ll admit, i’m a bit nervous, I’ve been loyal to those Kayanos forever.  Even with 1 of each on my feet, I was still leaning toward my Asics.  But i’m going to try these and see.  I like to have more options.


Dinner at Buca di Beppo with the TIR team.  I know more than half of them already, met the others.  Everything was great until it was time to eat.  I’ve only ever been there for lunch and just get a lunch portion of something and eat half (because it’s really 2-3 servings at lunch).  Everyone went family style with heavy pastas and salads (like many runners).  I ended up getting soup.  It was awkward when the food came because it drew attention that I wasn’t eating what was ordered for everyone.  I guess I am just not used to anyone noticing what I eat at a normal place, but it’s very obvious when the platters are being passed around and i’m not eating it.   I felt SO out of place.  I rarely feel that way.  And while no one was rude, I did get asked countless times why I wasn’t eating any of the other items.  I just don’t like heavy creamy pastas and heavy salads.  It has nothing to do with the fact that they are unhealthy, I just simply don’t like them and it’s not something i’d order for myself. 

I’m not in the habit anymore of eating stuff just because it’s there.  Just like at race finish lines when they have pizza and beer.  I don’t have it just because it’s there.  I don’t like beer and i’m pretty picky when it comes to pizza.  It’s just what I prefer. 

I’m not mad or upset by it.  It was just eye opening.  Sometimes I forget that while I think I eat normally, my eating to some is weird.  I do try to eat fairly balanced meals and healthy 75% of the time.  But I also love treats and enjoy them in moderation on a regular basis.

Every person is different I suppose.


One thought on “Out of my element

  1. Girl try being vegetarian going out to eat with a big group. Talk about standing out most of the times – especially if all I get is a salad and then proceed to pull a baggy of beans out of my purse to toss on top 😉 LOL kind of funny…

    Hope you like your shoes. I recently got a pair of Brooks Ghost 3. I like them, not as much as my Saucony Ride, but they are holding up longer for me.

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