Pretty sure this was the longest week ever.  I am positive though, that next week, AKA “Hell Week” will take that over.  At least I have a weekend to enjoy before then and no one can reach me, which is the BEST PART! 

Heather tagged me to do a fun facts today.  I’m up way past my bedtime with a very long weekend ahead, so I will tag anyone who reads this 😉

Fun Facts Friday.

The rules:

  • Link to the person who awarded you
  • List 7 random facts about yourself
  • Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers
  1. I have a mild addiction to q-tips.  I have to have them at home, in gym bag, etc.
  2. I love lemons.  Especially in tea.  They are best once soaking in tea and when I finish the tea, I will eat them.  Yes.  The whole thing.  The dentist yelled at me for this.
  3. I love to run, hate the treadmill.  I only do intervals on the treadmill.  I can run a marathon outdoors but can barely stand 1 mile and have to force anything more than that if it’s not intervals.
  4. I have a lucky pair of VS panties that I wear for major races. 
  5. Much like Heather, I have a dedicated workout clothes area.  I have a whole dresser of workout clothes (1 small drawer sports bras, 1 small drawer socks and gloves, 1 large drawer of just tshirts-which are really for lounging and then 1 large drawer of tech tees, singlets, and shorts) and then all winter sleeves and tights are in a giant underbed bin, but it’s actually in the top of my closet.  Somehow though, I never have anything to wear.
  6. I will run practically naked, but I feel self conscious wearing certain things out.  Makes no sense
  7. I have a toenail that doesn’t grow.  I hurt it at RNR in 2009 and it hates me so it decided to stay forever short.  Whatever, 1 less to cut I guess.

One thought on “TGIF

  1. OMG I eat lemons too!!! Love them. I am so with you on the treadmill too. 2 miles may has well be 10. Intervals have been my only salvation with having to do dreadmill runs for my half training. and I could pretty much run naked too if it wouldn’t get me in trouble.

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