Tortured Tuesday

Tuesday was NOT a good day.

I woke up feeling great.  Went to the gym for weights, that was fine.

Then the day went downhill.  Too many wasteful meetings.  I got nothing accomplished at work.  One person told me they needed 10-15 minutes of my time, they stole my whole afternoon 😦

Tried to schedule service for my car.  That was a disaster.  Why do they have to make things so flipping hard?  I’ve been working on this with the dealership for a week.  I really need it to be done this week.  Next week is what is affectionately called “Hell Week”, so I can’t make plans to do anything at all.  I am pretty much planning to live at work, even on the weekend.  Fun?

Came home, ranted to Dan about my day, and cooked dinner (which was a sad effort).  I started my taxes (i’ve never done them this late, but i’ve been so busy!).  I ate a snack while I was crunching numbers.

I have no idea if it was dinner, stress, or my snack, but holy heck.  I have never been in such pain in my life.  I tried to go to bed.  I lie there for 2 hours thinking my stomach very well may rip, that’s how intense the pressure from bloating was. 

I got up and Dan offered to take me to the ER.  I considered it, but he had a big day today and I didn’t want to ruin it for him (I didn’t tell him that).  I walked the stairs and house trying to make it go away, I eventually went back to bed.  Sometime around 3 am I fell asleep.  I reset my alarm when it went off at 4:30, which did little to no good 😦

I am going nuts trying to figure out what the heck happened to cause such a reaction!  I do not want to experience that again!


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