Sloppy Sunday

Sunday was another dreary day, at least in the AM. 

I woke up, FINALLY got started on catching up on my Google reader.  Ate some oatbran and waited for the gym to open.

I was feeling better, but my energy was still pretty zapped.  I got in a decent 1 hour of full-body strength, but it wasn’t as good as I would like.  I am amazed by 2 men I always see on Sundays in the stretching/abs area where I roll my legs.  They are both SUPER bendy.  I want to be like that.  The one man is at least 65 and can do the splits.

After  gym, I went to Academy to see if I would get lucky and snag my shoes on clearance.  Nope, not a chance 😦  Then picked up a few things at the grocery store, and headed home.  I then did a massive prep for the week.  Trying to modify my eating a bit for the first half of the week, seeing if I can at least make some progress with feeling somewhat normal. 

I have no idea where the rest of the day went.  I cashed in some birthday gift cards and bought myself a gift online.  Dan disappeared to the gym for 2 hours.  (I LOVE THIS!).  Someone is addicted to weights, hehe.  I know I did laundry and some cleaning.  However, like every Monday, I sit at work and feel guilty that the house is still not clean.  Yes.  That is what I dwell on when I am supposed to be working on Mondays.  I need a cleaning lady.  Hint, hint.

I helped Dan with a few of his office projects and finally began hanging decor (what I could do alone, since he was busy) in the master bedroom.  I will eventually get that room decorated!  I need help leveling and measuring the rest of the items.   Maybe Friday, which is the next evening either one of us has somewhat free.  It’s just not something on my list of priorites but it does drive me nuts that it’s not done. Another thing that drives me nuts is 2 drawers broke on my workout clothes dresser, I tried fixing it myself several times.  Dan just wants me to get a new dresser.  I just want him to drive a bunch of screws or something into that sucker and make it work!  I think he should fix it while i’m gone this weekend 😉

Hoping for a somewhat sane week at work.  I need to start getting ready for the weekend ahead.  I’ll be honest, while I know the relay is going to be a ton of fun, I am VERY nervous.  Nervous that i’m not going to perform well and let my team down.  I really have no reason to think that way, i’m just a worrier.


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