Sensational Saturday


I picked my sister up and we drove on down to the lake.  Decided to lock our stuff up at the gym first before running.  Or not.  Morning girl at the gym decided to be 20 minutes late.  I was quickly losing motivation to run, didn’t help that I didn’t feel great.  It was already hot and humid, luckily no sun.

Eventually we got our gear stowed and set out.  She did the 4 mile loop, I did the 7 with some add-ons.  My goal had been 11, but because we were now 20 minutes behind schedule, I settled for 9.  On the trail detour I made a friend.  This is her business Backyard Fitness Austin.  I don’t usually run with anyone or people I don’t know, but Allison was a gem!  Totally made miles 4-7 a little more fun to learn about her, her business, and her 5 children.  Can you believe she has FIVE kids?  I want to look half that good after one!


Did I mention the reason we were pressed for time is that my BFF was driving in to town from San Antonio?  I hadn’t seen her since November and she rarely comes to Austin.  She made the trip since our sorority alumni function got cancelled in SA.  I was so happy she could make the trip, because I was bummed our function wasn’t happening.

I didn’t realize IH35 was closed though, luckily I guided her into downtown over the phone.  She met us at Whole Foods, so she could get some fun new things to try.  I forget how much I love the Flagship store, but what a freaking money suck it is.  I spent $35 on not a whole lot, but it was stuff I can’t find anywhere else.

We made our way over to Santa Rita Cantina because #1-I love it, #2 I had a Groupon to spend.  Since I wasn’t feeling so great still, I had the Santa Rita Pescado, instead of the enchiladas or pork loin that I had really wanted.  I love the fish, but it’s been a while since i’ve had a good enchilada out.  Everyone’s food was fabulous of course.  Good conversation and catching up. 

We then did a little retail therapy.  After a few stops, we found matching neon pink tank tops for Diva Dash.  None of us are really pink girls, we’d wanted purple, but for the price and cut, this worked.  (I HATE clingy workout shirts) and if I am going to get wet and/or muddy, I wanted it to be cheap and not clingy.  It actually took less time than I thought to find a shirt that looked good on all of us, especially since the 2 of them actually have chests, lol!

Before we knew it, it was getting late.  She needed to get home to her hubby who was getting off of work, and sister and I were EXHAUSTED.  I dropped sister off at her car and made it home.  Busted out 2 of my purchases from Whole Foods for a snack.  Nacho Moms Vegan Queso (I got the fire roasted one) and Lentil Chips.  Both were pretty fabulous and gluten free!

That is the only photo I took all weekend.  I didn’t even take any photos of the girls having fun 😦  Fail, total fail.  No wonder I have no photos of anything.

The rest of the evening was pretty chill, I was exhausted.  Dan and I made lazy dinners.  I had nachos topped with veggies, cheese, and black bean burger.  Dan made pizza since we didn’t do pizza night this week. 

Caught up on a little DVR and called it a night 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sensational Saturday

  1. Love some retail therapy with a good friend! Thanks for sharing Allison’s business. Very cool. I’m still undecided about being a solo runner – sometimes I have the best runs alone, but have some amazing ones with the hubs too. I need to see if my WFs carries that queso. Someone else mentioned it to me and I forgot to check.

    • I like running with people I know well like AK and if Dan was a runner, i’m sure i’d like it. I really wish he’d at least learn to Galloway.

      She was super cool, I love meeting fun and motivating people.

      The queso was very good, I was happy. I know they are quickly expanding, so if they don’t carry it now, they will. It was in the section with the salsas (shelf, not fridge). I want more.

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