Getting back on track tomorrow with blogging.

It’s been a rough few days. I haven’t been feeling well at all since I got back from my work trip. I’ve worked out but it’s been a struggle. I’ve run once. This is all very much not like me.

Dan is out with our friends right now. I told him to go without me. We had a fun dinner and concert planned with friends. instead, I’m lying on the couch, watching DVR. I just barely ate dinner, which is also not like me, I can’t stand to eat late.

Going to do some thinking over the weekend. Going to come up with a game plan. I can’t see the new Dr until mid-May. I’m actually thinking about going gluten-free for lent to see if it makes a difference. I don’t know what else to do 😦


2 thoughts on “MIA….again

    • yeah, definately thinking it’s the way to go, and lent would give me a structured timeframe.

      They say to get tested first, but because I switched Drs, I can’t get tested until after May 18.

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